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If you need to check your phone for something that is not critical then go to the bathroom and do 2 things at once. Return and be 100% present with no offence given..
A call from a babysitter would seem to be important but you should leave the room to speak.
I cannot imagine anyone playing games on their phone at a dinner party ....
However, being rude back is not adult and no more invites is the solution.

5 Ways to Deal With Dinner Party Guests Who Won't Put Down Their Phones
5/9/14 05:19 PM

please do share the table DIY. I am really impressed by your clever ideas and their implementation! this is the best apartment I've seen in years!

Joe & Brad's Small Space with Big Style House Tour
4/13/14 11:29 AM

Very timely post. You clearly hit a nerve here. I am only 61, but fell down some stone steps in Madagascar this winter... someone had taken the bulb out of the light fixture. As I spend a lot of time in physio at the moment I am questioning my earlier decision to die in place. I do have stairs but could add the stair-chair if necessary.I have found that not being able to raise one arm makes all sorts of things difficult including light switches when the other arm is carrying things.

In theory I would love a small(ish) super modern place on one floor . ....
.....However, I have travelled quite a bit and love all the things I have that remind me of these times. I am finding it impossible to let stuff go.Of course I will not need these things forever but right now I love my art studio and basement sewing room. Where would I put all my art... I don't have enough wall space now.
I have the money to remodel my home so that the ground floor would work but then it would not be good for resale in a family neighbourhood. I am finding decisions moving forward to be harder than expected.

Moving Downstairs: Thinking About Design as We Get Older With 10 Links To Start The Conversation
3/18/14 07:31 PM

very interesting post.
Did he leave it "as is" to be a museum to himself?
If he left all his pots and pans what did he take with him or did he just start afresh? Where did he move to and why? ....That is such a great part of London.

A Visit To Terence Conran's Old Apartment House Call
9/23/13 02:57 PM

I used a hollow wooden door from Lowes. less expensive and weighs less. just make sure you buy one without the doorknob hole drilled in... unless you want that for wire control.

How To Make an Easy, Built-In & Colorful Desk from Basic IKEA Components Apartment Therapy Tutorials
8/24/13 01:49 PM

I am glad this article came up now as it sparked my intention to use Amazon so much less. It came on the heels of a very frustrating delivery incompetence by Amazon. They failed to deliver a kindle ordered by" Prime" for more than a week (despite all the phone calls I made when they assured me it would arrive in time for my daughter to take it to Rwanda for a year away).
Their incompetence in this instance was staggering.. The kindle never even reached the target city in CT.
I also believe it is really bad for our economy when taxes are not collected on items bought online. It is very unfair to local retailers.( I am not one )

Confession: I'm Addicted to Amazon Prime
7/21/13 08:34 PM

I, too , am disappointed in Maxwell for this.

Confession: I'm Addicted to Amazon Prime
7/21/13 08:27 PM

This thread has certainly hit a nerve!
I did not move to the USA till I was 29 and found it very difficult to make friends with very little spare time. It was much more foreign than any other country in Europe despite the "same" language.
After I got cancer and left work I took up welding and met the most interesting ( mainly women!) through welding and the art center.
Feeling the need to broaden my circle again I have recently met interesting people at meet-ups and got a chance to brush up on my french at the same time.
I certainly agree that you should not limit yourself to your own age-group. The women at my local woodworking guild are all ages and from all walks of life and they are a funny warm group of people happy to fail or succeed at projects together.
no-one seemed to mention smiling... it is good for your mood even if it doesn't always get the results you wanted.

10 Tried & True Tips: How to Make New Friends in a New City
4/4/13 04:06 PM

these seem excessively expensive for the most part.
I will have to see if there is room for a 4 inch deep one and make it ( possibly a hack from an ikea product in office supplies or similar)

Small Space Solution:
Wall Mounted Landing Strips

1/30/13 04:07 PM

you should remove the link to "10 eco friendly substitutions..." It is out of date, links are no longer valid, some products discontinued and the article was poorly researched and just thrown together in the first place. Not the old AT standards!

How To Recaulk a Bathtub Apartment Therapy Tutorials
1/23/13 01:57 PM

this should NOT be linked to a current article as the links are out of date and some of the products are discontinued.... please check old articles before using them as fillers for real content!

10 Eco-Friendly Substitutions For Glue, Caulk, and DIY Tools
1/23/13 01:53 PM

to the column administrator
could you place replies next to the comment they refer to? I have to scroll back and forth too much finding what the reply referred to. I really do read it all when time allows!

Decluttering Tips: Shedding Clothes from Your Closet
1/21/13 10:14 AM

although goodwill say they won't take things with holes, they will. I often buy them if all wool to use in my workshop where I will add more holes or to cut up and felt for felted purses or quilts. don't bury them in a land pile!. after no-one buys them at retail Goodwill stores they go to outlets to be sold by the pound and if they still remain they are sold in bulk for textile recycling

Decluttering Tips: Shedding Clothes from Your Closet
1/21/13 10:08 AM

where can I buy the desk pictured?.. it might keep me focussed like blinkers on a horse.
Sadly I am visual organiser too so I have to put a picture on box of main contents. if not in plain sight.

Fresh Start: Ideas & Inspirations for an Organized Home Best of 2012
12/22/12 02:32 PM

I'm with the wine, chocolate and thank you notes crowd. I am always genuinely grateful for any gift but have too much guilt parting with such things... my problem I know , but I hate to think someone wasted their hard earned money or precious time.

I also appreciate a single person who offers to come early and set the table , do the pots and pans etc.

My main pleasure in entertaining is just the pleasure of spending time with friends and I usually specify " don't bring anything... this is meant to be a relaxing treat for you not another burden!"

Simple & Thoughtful: 10 DIY Hostess
Gift Ideas

12/4/12 10:54 AM

An excellent transformation. I am amazed at the rude and negative comments! I thought my large Kitchen with an Island was great until I worked in a small galley kitchen designed by my mother in a house built more than 200 years ago..(. 2 foot thick walls mean no extension was reasonable. ) It was so efficient and often 2 or 3 people worked there in harmony. It is hard to explain how much less tiring it is to work in such a narrow space until you have made major meals in one. The mirrors more than make up for the darker cabinets.... no doubt there is under-counter lighting too. I would hire this architect anytime... great job!

Before & After: Little Kitchen, Big Style The Sweeten
11/28/12 10:17 PM

nice post... these must be great people.
Maxwell, I think you need to get back to being more involved in apartment therapy.... it is beginning to wander...

Aaaaah! A Modern Thanksgiving with Friends
11/27/12 09:29 PM

I can identify with much of what has been said. I certainly wish I had the self discipline to do the 2 week wait! I noticed the same phenomenon as englishdaffodil ( and I am a brit in the USA ) .

At one point in my life I had plenty of spare cash but I noticed I had lost my love of shopping. When I met hard times a few years later, the thrill was back. I usually like to indulge at Goodwill which lets me feed my bargain hunter soul and lets me part with items more easily when I am tired of them or work out they weren't really what I needed. Having grown up with very little I haven't learned to let go of things properly ....even though I have far too much now!

Idealizing the Unobtainable
11/27/12 06:21 PM

all a bit over the top narcissist for me. Get back to your roots! Thanksgiving is not about style and showing off, it is about giving thanks.

Rustic, Traditional, Modern & More: Best Thanksgiving Table Settings Inspiration
11/20/12 12:14 AM

I could be happy here! You have created a lovely home rather than a designer abode. I agree with others that it was a pleasure not having lots of artsy photos of collections.
I LOVE the wall shelves your dad built!!! Did he use baltic plywood? and how are they attached to the wall in the living room and bedroom. I plan to make some. THe way they join the spaces and move the eye is really excellent.Can he do a mini tutorial?

Marie & Ben's Scandinavian Chic Shoe Factory Apartment House Tour
10/31/12 01:28 PM