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This was exactly what I need. I've been meaning to repaint some picture frames for about 2 weeks but haven't scheduled the time to do it and can't seem to tear myself away from the computer or tv to do it. I've also started training for a half marathon so tonight will be running, painting and maybe reading.

Unplug for an Evening: Try a Media Fast The January Cure: Assignment # 10
1/15/14 02:13 PM

I'm focusing on redoing my entry way. It currently houses an underused bookcase, my most used shoes and boxes of stuff to get rid. It really is functioning like a closet right now. The goal is to make it a real entry way space that is nice to look at when first entering the apartment rather than the cluttered eyesore that it is. This means finding a new home for the shoes, getting rid of the bookcase and boxes and bring in a bench and table.

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1/10/14 06:26 PM

Like many others, my walls are pretty bare. I'm not sure why it's never been a priority so this assignment is perfect. I've taken a lot of travel photos over the years but the images all sit on my computer so I rarely enjoy them nor do these experiences get shared with friends and family. So for this project, I've chosen about 7-8 pictures of with a common theme of "yellow" that I'm going to frame and group together. The plan is to hang them in my bedroom in non-matching frames that are painted white. I think the yellow color will pop well the room where the walls and most textiles are some shade of purple.

Making Your Home Your Own: Prep Artwork for Framing & Display January Cure: Assignment # 6
1/10/14 04:59 PM

this is great. as i was leaving for work this morning i looked at my living room with stuff strewn all over the place and realized i hadn't made my place a refuge despite spending so much time searching for an apt with the right bones to turn into a refuge.

5 Completely Free Ways to Make Your House a Home
9/13/11 01:38 PM

i made this recipe with my CSA corn and heirloom tomatoes from my community garden and it was really good. however, i felt like it was missing some texture so i added bacon (guilty smile) and it was even better. the salty bacon cut the sweetness of the 2 other ingredients better than the goat cheese i think. i also think maybe some picked red onions would be nice - add a little kick as well.

Recipe: Herbed Sweet Corn and Tomato Salad
8/9/11 02:54 PM

totally on board with the open cabinets. making things look so much airier. would love to do the same but owners just put new cabinets in. have u thought about cutting out that strip down the middle to make it look like one big continuous shelf?

Jason's $250 Remodeled Rental Kitchen
7/22/11 05:16 PM