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One more thing to add to the great tips about washing shower curtains: use WARM water. I almost always use only cold, and the first time I washed it, my shower curtain came out of the washer no cleaner than it went in.

Warm water softens the vinyl so the towels and vinegar can do their magic!

Keeping Your Bathroom "Company Clean" In 5 Minutes A Day
1/23/12 01:27 PM

I've never used recipe cards and neither did my mother, but she always wrote right in the cookbook. My siblings and I have cookbooks of hers that are filled with comments like "when doubling, add an extra egg" and "for Kevin's graduation - Shannon helped" with dates. Now I do the same thing.

So I get and give the sentimental benefit without spending time and money creating yet more objects that take up space!

Recipe Cards: Useful or Outdated?
1/18/12 06:53 PM