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I think this place is so charming. I love the way things from all differing periods are juxtaposed with each other.


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Thank you for ALL the comments. And thank you for taking the time to look at our place. Here are my responses to your comments. If I missed anything or anything is confusing please feel free to contact me at I would be more than happy to clarify anything regarding this house tour. I have to also thank Apartment Therapy for inspiring me and motivating me to objectify my vision for our apartment—it truly has been a therapeutic process for me.

orange accent wall
Benjamin Moore, Burnt Caramel, #2167-10


I made the headboard with scrap lumber and abet laminati Laminate Samples.

wood chest/coffee table

It is a remade to-be-discarded ottoman. I varnished bark sheds onto the base. The top is from a bay area flea market. It seems to be part of an old ship or some type of nautical item. It was $15 and goes perfectly with the base I think.

gin bottle

Has been my mouthwash container for years. I love it's sapphire color.

apartment's size

We didn't choose it. We are very fortunate indeed. We love to share our place with visiting friends (at no charge of course ;), and we often have offer a spare room to friends who are in need of a place to live for awhile. I feel we are very generous with this gift we have been given.

living room deconstructed wall

It is a of years of removed paint and wall paper. It was like this before we moved in. We have decided to leave it as is with all of its weird and wonderful beauty.

living room ceiling
Modern Masters, Sheer Iridescent Gold #ME194

living room accent wall
Modern Masters, Smoke #ME243

living room wall — branches are painted on with oil and acrylic paints.


All furnishings, with the exception of my bed and my Crate and Barrel Desk are reworked items from the street or hand me downs from friends. I am not really interested in purchasing new items. Our earth is suffering. Let's figure out how to reuse things that are already here. We are smart and evolved people. I know we can do it! I believe in us!

'weed arrangements'
I LOVE nature. I LOVE having bits of raw nature in my living space. I think it's beautiful!

TV stand

Again, it's off the street. I think it works pretty well for being free.


We have not spent any $ on showers, tiling and such... It is an apartment.

blue in bathroom

Olivetti Lime paint from Ecohaus, 1090 Bryant Street, SF. Color is London Summer, I think.

art work above the sofas

The letters are metal utility stencils. They slide together and apart. I have tacked them to the wall to create an installation. I am a graphic designer in addition to my many other forms of artistic expression. I painted or created most of the art you see in this part of the house tour. You can check out some of my other work at

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