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im interested. please email me at jumpygoat@gmail.com so i can get more details.

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7/28/10 12:37 PM

hi, I'm the husband of the poster - thanks for all of your comments, please keep them coming. I thought I'd provide some info regarding the dark window treatment at the back of the apartment, which is a custom-made dark/wide wooden blinds. Its kind of a long story but we "won" a design consultation at a charity auction from a very well pair of designers (several nyc restaurants to their credit) - they spent a couple hours with us in the apartment and offered some makeover tips. their strongest advice was to

1) get wooden blinds in the darkest shade possible and to
2) stain the floor as dark as possible.

So we did. (at considerable expense.) so i don't know whether to laugh or cry, so i'm doing a little of both - does irony apply here, that almost every post suggests changing both? Anyway, we cant change them. the tripod lamp was $100 in Chinatown and it is a very close copy of the $1000 version the decorators recommended that we buy from De la Spada. In order to lighten things up, we just bought the white shelving from DWR made by Sapporo, which was not exactly cheap but its offers quite a bit of storage space.

If we go with the track lighting (we have some money to spend), do we place it 4 feet from the wall?? Does anyone know whats involved (cost & headache) to install to a junction box so we can put in track lighting where we have no ceiling fixture or electric supply in the ceiling (or wall switch wired for the new lighting)? it seems that we would need to run a conduit up from a baseboard outlet, and put a flush mount switch box on that.

To respond to a previous post, i'm pretty sure the ceiling is concrete - we could run anchor screws into it for flush mounts but probably not do any recessed installations. none of these alternatives are particularly appealing - how would\have you dealt with similar situations? for the clip-on art lighting, how do you conceal the electric cord that hangs down along the wall, behind the picture - or do you not conceal it at all?

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9/24/07 02:18 PM