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I was just going to say what jackyh said -- use them in anything you'd use ground beef. Tacos are one of my favorite uses for lentils. I also like them on nachos and in pot pies.

Creative Ideas for Cooking Lentils?
Good Questions

6/20/11 10:19 AM

Cardamom brownies! Put a small amount of ground cardamom in a rich, dark brownie recipe. It may take a little experimenting to get the amount right, but soooo worth it. It's where-have-you-been-all-my-life amazing.

What Are Some Good Uses for Cardamom?
Good Questions

6/15/11 10:05 AM

Yeah, skip the hotdog, I want batter-dipped zucchini on a stick!

Zucchini Weenies: A Healthier Corn Dog?
6/13/11 01:54 PM

Hire some goats! Where I live, you can hire someone to come to your house with some temporary fence and a herd of goats -- they will fence off the area, and then let the goats eat your poison ivy (or english ivy, or anything else you want removed). And they deposit natural fertilizer while they eat. And it's not too expensive, either. We're having them come next month to deal with our english ivy invasion.

Poison Ivy In The Backyard: What Should We Do?
5/24/11 03:20 PM

It's a slam dunk for me in favor of homemade, since I can use unbleached flour and natural sugar, and avoid preservatives or other additives and additional processing and box waste.

Make or Buy? Cake Mix vs. Homemade
4/29/11 12:23 PM

I bought my Norm69 kit for around $80, new, from a distributor in the US. I don't quite remember what size it was, though.

10 Affordable Pendants For Over the Kitchen Table
4/13/11 01:37 PM

Wait, the Asparagus pendant looks a hell of a lot like a Norm 69: http://www.shop.normann-copenhagen.com/eu/products/norm-69.aspx And costs twice as much, too (unless you don't have to assemble it?).

10 Affordable Pendants For Over the Kitchen Table
4/13/11 11:56 AM

I like Chobani but find it too sweet...and I like Siggi's but find it just a little too sour. Is there anything in between sweetness-wise that still is as high in protein and low in fat? Anyone have recommendations?

What Is Your Favorite Yogurt?
4/7/11 11:03 AM

Where can I get it in the U.S.?

Belgium's Cookie Drama: Speculoos Spread
The New York Times

3/2/11 04:10 PM

All I know is that I came home from work the day they painted my kitchen with a low-VOC paint, and you couldn't smell it AT ALL. It took me a second to realize that the paint was barely dry! Definitely something different about it.

Are No-VOC Paint Claims Really Legit? Not Always.
1/31/11 02:30 PM

There's a lot of pseudoscience and 'I heard'-science going on in the comments here. Not all soybeans are GMO, not all tofu is trucked long distances. For example, there's a local place here in NC that grows their own beans and makes their own meat-substitutes out of soy. They then sell at WholeFoods and directly to restaurants in the area. Unless you're eating soy products for every single meal, I don't think you need to worry about your soy intake. Vary your eating habits and protein sources, and have a happy plate of tofu whenever you feel like it.

On Eating Less Tofu (and Other Soy Products)
1/19/11 11:10 AM

I've never heard of separating them. The key to great pancakes is the buttermilk, in my opinion!

Recipe: The BEST Pancakes Ever!
12/8/10 11:36 AM

Yeah -- the newer self-checkout systems have a "my bag" button, where you set your bags down and it zeros the scale for you.

And, even if the system doesn't have that button, if you just set your bags down on the bagging scale, an employee can zero the scale for you.

You might want to update that part of this post, it's not really correct.

Supermarket Survival: Tips for the Self-Checkout Lane
11/10/10 09:54 AM

Method tabs are what I use too. Love 'em!

Low-Phosphate Dishwasher Detergents That Work
Consumer Reports

10/21/10 03:39 PM

Coconut milk!

Vegan, Gluten-Free & Lactose-Free — Yet Creamy Soups?
Good Questions

10/20/10 03:43 PM

It won't let me answer, even though I'm logged in, but my answer is in the wall. I recently moved into a house with a wall oven, and I'm never going back to under the stove!

Survey: Is Your Oven In the Wall or Under the Stove? | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
3/18/10 01:09 PM