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Thanks everyone. Agreed that this is definitely not an antique. In fact I spoke to a professional refinisher that told me they wouldn't go near it, so I decided to get creative, with paint. There were awful dents, scratches and other imperfections on it. It is a desk/vanity. It has the drawers and the top does go down, so it's used as a desk as well. My daughter is 4, so she uses it for workbooks, coloring and storing jewelry. As for the chair. It was really awful before, not real brass and was chipped. I originally painted it black thinking it would look like wrought iron, it just didn't look right. Since it was a pretty hopeless chair, I sprayed it purple (my daughter's favorite color) and to match the interior drawer liners. It's not perfect, but it works for us! Thanks everyone for the positive comments, I know it's not for everyone, but believe me, this was no hard to find antique :)

Before & After: An Outdated Desk Goes Gorgeous and Girly
7/18/11 02:41 PM

This is awesome!!!!

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11/29/10 01:30 PM

This laundry basket is so modern and chic. I love it!!

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11/29/10 09:33 AM

Just an FYI that the Jenny Lind cribs had some major recalls in the last few years. I forget which models, but be careful of the ones you get off of Craigslist. I'm sure the ones that are still for sale online are fine, but the older craigslist ones, be careful.

Jenny Lind Cribs: Look Again
10/27/10 11:45 AM

I LOVE THIS!!! What a great thing to have with a little one on the way. Thanks for the chance!

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12/2/09 11:57 AM

Oh my gosh, I LOVE IT!! What an amazing giveaway!

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11/30/09 02:32 PM