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I read it to my son every night because there it helps set the tone for the night. Every time I read "And old lady that goes HUSH," I read the next part quieter. So by the end of the book I'm whispering.

BUT I will say it is very basic and kind of boring.

20 of the Most Beautiful Children's Books in the World
10/25/13 06:06 PM

Isn't that one of those drop sides cribs everyone says are so dangerous??

Lorelai's Thrifted, Vintage-Inspired Nursery My Room
10/25/13 02:39 PM

Ugh, I love this assignment but I don't know how I'm going to complete it. My husband has hooked up our entertainment center in some weird way that we have too many cords (we have cable plus satellite)! Plus we rent, plus we have cheap IKEA furniture that would be impossible to drill. I tried to put a cover over the stand so I can't see the cords when in front of the TV but they still scream at me when I walk by. I don't know what to do......

Day 15: Exercise a Little Cord Control Apartment Therapy January Cure
1/22/13 01:56 PM

I love to use chopsticks w/Asian food but also when I'm eating chips or something dirty. This is really great when you're at work and don't want to get your keyboard and mouse dirty.

Survey: When Do You Use Chopsticks?
9/20/10 01:22 PM