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Hmmm...lemon curd and salt?
Tip from a mom: Go for traditional
gifts of pampering: breakfast in bed,
brunch or dinner out. Give mom a break!
If we stray from the kitchn theme,
foot massage trumps all. = )

10 Homemade Gift Ideas for Mother's Day
5/7/13 11:45 AM

Sorry for my lack of knowledge about kitchen ware. But although I've seen photos of dutch ovens, I'm still confused about how it's different from any other big pot. Since there is the word "oven" in the name, I thought perhaps a Dutch Oven is something you can place directly inside a regular oven to bake/cook something, pot and all. But your stew recipe mentions just using the dutch oven on the stove top. Are dutch ovens used both on stove tops and inside ovens? Thanks in advance for any clarifications you can provide.

Dutch Oven Recipe: White Bean & Chicken Sausage Stew Recipes from The Kitchn
11/2/12 01:35 AM

Anyone else have trouble viewing the video? I've tried multiple times, and it still keeps doing the stop and go.

Day 1: Clean One Room
The 20/20 Home Cure

10/25/11 08:50 AM

Thanks for the explanation, Faith.

I had to cancel a trip next week to Montreal. Although now I won't be able to visit Olive & Gourmando in person, having Dyan's recipe (thanks Dyan!) means I can still recreate what I'll be missing in Montreal.

BTW, Faith, I loved your intro. By the time I read "prickly with heat and irritation," I was SO ready for a virtual gulp of that iced green tea elixir!

Iced Green Tea Elixir with Ginger & Lemon
Restaurant Recipe from Olive + Gourmando in Montreal

8/4/11 05:45 PM

Faith or Dyan,

What is "muddled mint" please?
(crushed or pounded or bruised mint leaves??)


Iced Green Tea Elixir with Ginger & Lemon
Restaurant Recipe from Olive + Gourmando in Montreal

8/3/11 02:19 PM

Hi P2!
What a happy surprise it was to discover that you are the guest designer sharing tips from a fundraiser. (had thought Maxwell was posting when I first started reading). And since I didn't know your last name (only know you as P2 from way back when I used to visit AT more often), I didn't realize it was you until I saw your answers where you signed as Patrick (the other one).
Absolutely LOVE the Wisteria glass coffee table. What a find! It's gorgeous! And your "see-thru-coffee table" tip is one of the ideas I'll be keeping in mind as I shop for a coffee table for my living room.
Other great tip for me was "mix the woods." I have everything from elmwood to rosewood in my living room and like it that way. You're right, mixing it shows a gradual collection rather than "all from one truck." Am also trying to mix reproductions (your "Save" idea), with antiques (the "Invest" tip).
From Small,Cool win to a design career doing exactly what you love to do! So happy for you. Congrats!!

5 Design on a Dime Lessons That Work for Any Room
6/4/11 05:18 PM

Yes, clicking on each photo of house tour and waiting, waiting, waiting is very tedious....Doesn't have to be slide show, because some photos are worth lingering over, but definitely need smoother, faster, easier transitions. Remember, the key is improving user experience. Thx.

Apartment Therapy Web Designer Search
4/21/11 10:57 AM

Don't mind grumpy Confettimeg. No need to apologize. She's obviously so OCD she can't appreciate an invitation to someone's home without criticizing what's in their sink. It's her loss that she missed all the creative touches in your home.
Retro phone as toilet paper holder. What wonderful imagination you have!

Suki's Crafty Condo
4/17/11 03:44 AM

Love the bed nook. Cozy! Love it even more after you explained that bed frame has lockable wheels so you simply unlock, roll it out, make bed, roll it back in, and relock wheels. Brilliant! Did you add the wheels yourself? Is so, was it difficult to do?
Also love the fact you taped additional fabric to curtains to lengthen them. Budget-friendly and time-saving (no sewing!) solution. Very impressed by your eye for simplicity, order, and

Alyssa's Light & Views
4/17/11 03:21 AM

Thank you for sharing with us your elegant and breathtakingly beautiful home. Love your eye for color, simplicity and truly amazing sense of style.
I haven't had time to see many of the other entries this year yet, but based on viewing experience from past years, I believe you've already won.
You mentioned you feel as if you live in a luxury hotel. Which hotel features inspired you the most?

Heidi's Every Inch Counts
4/7/11 03:15 AM

Ah...I loved those early days of AT. Sense of cozy, little community (I was practically addicted to AT following posts of Wende of SF/Phoenix, P2, Mid-C Frank & others). Found AT after watching Maxwell on a TV home organization show here in Asia. When I clicked on the AT site, SmallCool was in full swing, and I was blown away by all the many great ideas, so many inspirations. Loved P2's winning entry, but if memory serves me right, weren't there more photos than what's being shown here? I vaguely remember a stunning Zen-like entryway. London Jewelbox also seems to have fewer photos now. Didn't there used to be a photo showing how that amazing dining table/chair set looks with chairs pulled out, and also pushed back in against the table to snugly form a circle?
Nice roundup of winners here; thanks for the trip down memory lane.

Small Cool Hall of Fame: All the Winners… So Far
3/30/11 09:41 AM

I noticed the raspberries and tomatoes in the tiny shoes...and loved the photo! (a better photo than the NYT one, imho)

Figured whoever picked them will obviously wash them well before eating.

What the photo told me was: a little kid went berry picking, and with no bag or basket, decided to put the berries in her shoe. Image of a barefoot child skipping home with fresh berries is sort of charming.

As for to unplug or not: When I'm talking to someone, I prefer that they don't ignore me by playing on a gadget instead. It's frustrating to have someone only half listening to you. I tell them, "Please look at me. I need eyeball time."

But I have to admit that when traveling, I prefer hotels with internet so I can check the news, book rooms for the next stop, Skype my mom and other relatives (saves so much $$$).

Also have to note that my new iPhone came in super handy on our recent trip to Europe. Just tap in the address on map function and follow the arrow. Was able to help a lost Japanese tourist by using my iPhone to lead him and his grandson to their hotel.

Access to internet translation is also fantastic. In a little out of the way town where little English was spoken, iPhone came in handy again when we were able to type in English and push a button for a translation into the local language. Was also able to type in strange words from the menu and get instant English translations. It was amazing.

Once I'm finished using what all the gadgets can do for me on vacation, I do force myself to put them away so I can enjoy the scenery and people around me.

Apartment Therapy on Trying to Get Offline During Your Vacation
8/17/10 01:48 AM

I also love Balinese style homes; very lush and serene.

After hedgehoginfog's comment, I browsed the photographer's link and am also puzzled by the photo project: photographer thinks 18-21-year old Balinese women supposedly have lost "the look"?? So, grade-school girls had to be used? Heavy makeup on 5-10 year old girls to capture their beauty??

There was a bit of bragging about 9-hour make-up/shooting days without a break. Sounds like major violation of child-labor laws.

If the home was such a bargain, imagine what the girls must have been paid.

Jared's Balinese Paradise House Tour | Apartment Therapy Chicago
2/1/10 07:54 AM

Is there special "metal paint" that's needed? What kind of paint did you use?

Before After: Anne's File Cabinet Makeover | Apartment Therapy Chicago
11/10/09 02:57 AM

Man, that's one ugly kitchen.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Philippe Starck Kitchens for Warendorf
11/6/09 08:00 AM

Gorgeous place. Love how you added so much storage (Expedit unit, desk with all those drawers, hydraulic lift for underbed storage, etc..) in such a streamlined and elegant manner.

Apartment Therapy New York | House Tour: Jay's Chelsea Renovation New York
7/6/09 12:42 PM

What is solid shampoo, and where can you buy it?

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Inspiration: Packing Light
7/2/09 02:27 PM


Apartment Therapy San Francisco | How To: Make Hemp Pendant Lamps
5/25/09 08:02 AM

Don't know about the lamp, but if that advertising poster is available for $145, I'd buy it.

Love the photo's artistic composition: immaculate hair pulled up in a neat bun so focus can be on long V-back, which in turn draws your eyes to model's soft curve. Since the model is facing away, attention is not on another pretty face but on the circular mat and the unusual lamp sitting next to her.

Apartment Therapy New York | Noguchi Museum ICFF 2009
5/18/09 08:27 AM

Like the asymmetric arrangement of throw blankets in bottom photo, second from left.

Would love to sleep on that porch bed overlooking the ocean. Dreamy and beautiful setting.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | 10 Different Ways to Dress the Bed
5/16/09 04:31 AM