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Tranquil is a perfect description of this light-filled apartment with the amazing view. But 425 square feet? That HAS to be a mistake!

Pauline's Tranquil Marina-Front Apartment House Tour
9/20/13 12:59 PM

Wonderful colors!

I recognize the yellow dining chair (or barstool?) In 1974 we bought a table and four chairs and two barstools just like it for our new house. I wish we still had them.

Amy's \"Darjeeling Inspired\" Room Room for Color Contest
9/16/13 01:11 PM

All this time I thought our sleeping arrangement was sort of rare!

We have been married 23 years and have been sleeping in separate bedrooms for at least 18 years. Several factors began it all - snoring, restless sleeping, different wake up times, all the usual reasons.

In the beginning, I worried that something was wrong with our marriage, or that we were missing out on being as close in our relationship as we "should" be. But to be honest, I think it has made our marriage/relationship even better because we don't get irritated nightly by the other's sleeping habits. And when we do get together, it's more like a Date Night.

He likes to watch TV for a bit before falling asleep, and I like the read... sometimes far into the night. When he gets up for work in the morning, I am not disturbed, and when I snore, HE'S not disturbed. Sleeping apart might not be for everyone, but for us, it's's been the perfect solution.

Sleeping Apart, Staying Together?
8/30/13 03:58 PM

Absolutely perfect! Please show us more!

Chad's Small Space Glamour in New Orleans House Call
9/6/12 07:47 PM

My husband and I started sleeping in separate bedrooms 16 years ago (we've been married 21 years). In the beginning, I felt as if it had to be a big secret - I didn't know anyone else who did the same and I guess I thought they would think we had a bad marriage. And even I worried that maybe we did if we wanted to sleep separately.

Reading all of these comments has been a revelation to me - I never dreamed separate bedrooms were as common as they are!

I love having my own bedroom and bathroom. I snore (so he says) so I don't have to worry about disturbing him. I can read as late as I like, he doesn't disturb me when he gets up to go to work.

We both feel as if this arrangement has helped our relationship, not hurt it.
Oh, and we still have regular "date nights" in my room.

Couples Sleeping in Separate Bedrooms
8/28/12 02:18 PM

I recently had to break a window to get into my house.

Our front door has a deadbolt lock that is locked with a key on the outside, but it also has a interior lock on the doorknob which we never lock. When we are inside, we just keep the door locked by turning the lever on the deadbolt.

Anyway... my 3 year old granddaughter must have turned the doorknob button to lock while she was visiting. As I was walking her and her parents out to the car, I pulled the door shut behind us and of course it locked. Every single door and window in the whole flippin' house was locked! My husband was out of town, all my relatives live out of town and I don't feel comfortable leaving a key with a neighbor. So I had no choice but to break a window!

The glass repair man who came to replace the window charged me $100. ! I need to figure out where to safely leave a spare!

Where Do You Keep Your Spare Key?
9/28/11 10:50 AM

Me, too!

Quiz Answer: The Chair That Costs More Than a New Car!
7/1/11 08:26 PM

My first guess is A.
I've watched a lot of Antiques Roadshow. ;-)

However, I was torn between A and C. You just never know about modern designers astronomical prices.

Can You Tell Which Chair Costs More Than a New Car?
Design Quiz

7/1/11 01:26 PM

Ah, Lauren (my daughter's name also, btw), your wonderful home is causing me to post my first comment ever to AT!

The timeless beauty of your collected objects and the way you have displayed them in your home creates such a calm and earthy haven.

I would love to spend a day with you, looking at your treasures and hearing your stories about each one!

Well done, Miss Lauren!

Lauren's Collection of Stories
House Tour

1/19/11 09:23 AM

Fantastic use of space! And great organization, too.

The stacked washer and dryer in particular, interests me.
I, too, was wondering about the height issue (I'm 5'2").
Thanks, funstraw, for your comment - it was very helpful!

Making The Most of Your Space Going Vertical | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
11/30/09 01:24 PM