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My husband and I just finished our first 30 days as paleo-participants. It's been a great learning experience and our health feels greatly improved already. The only difference between what we do and what what this presents is that we allow ourselves one cheat day a week. I think in this world and culture, it is impossible to stay on this kind of plan without it.

Eating Real: The October Unprocessed Challenge
10/2/11 11:32 PM

Thanks for this! My husband has been wanting one for some time, and this article validated everything we've been reading!

Kamado Ceramic Grills: The Greenest Way To Grill?
7/24/11 12:56 AM

Wow, I'm so glad I'm not the only one who had experienced this and gotten mad! We live in a rental, but I've always meticulously kept the flowers because I love them. The other night, around midnight a car pulled up to our house and someone ripped all of a particular type out. I was in shock and almost opened the window to yell at them, but was too frozen in complete shock!

Here's my post about it:

Neighborhood Watch: When People Steal Flowers or Plants
5/27/11 11:03 PM

I guess I'll be the one that isn't a fan of the new kitchen. The old had so much more character, the new just looks like a new house and every other kitchen I've seen. I especially miss the curved accents.

Before & After(s): Ashley's Two Stage Kitchen Reno
5/25/11 06:49 PM

We've actually had really good luck getting a really thin and crispy crust by freezing the dough for at least 24 hours, thawing it for 20-30 minutes, rolling it out onto a pizza stone, and then pre-baking and baking on the bottom rack of the oven at about 400-475 degrees.

rolling the dough out when it's been frozen allows you to get it thinner than you would just rolling room temperature dough out.

Here's our post on it:

Want Really Thin Pizza Crust? Use a Rolling Pin
5/18/11 08:40 PM

Man, I suddenly feel the need to purge my house of belongings.

Liz's Well-Edited Half of a Durham Duplex
House Tour

1/11/11 03:55 PM

How timely. We went camping a few weeks ago and I saw my first scorpion. Didn't think they were in Missouri, FREAKED OUT.

Regional Pests | Apartment Therapy Chicago
7/6/10 09:59 AM

There's a round house in Hastings, MN where I'm from. I'm so fascinated by these!

The Round House Somerville, Massachusetts | Apartment Therapy Boston
6/4/10 03:30 PM

I think you have to distinguish between living without TV and living without a cable package. We opted a year ago to get rid of our cable to change our lifestyle and save money (more than $50/mo depending on the package). It was an adjustment at first, if you're hooked on flipping channels and watching whatever was on, but now, I can't imagine having it.

We too watch all our shows on hulu or through download, and other than that, we just don't watch TV and really don't miss it. In retrospect, I can't believe how much time I wasted watching shows that I really wasn't all that interested in. It's removed a lot of negativity from our lives, as we used to watch cable news to get our information, and terrible reality shows. Our house is cleaner, we read more, and spend a lot more time outdoors. Most of all, the money we save has been better spent on vacations, trips and hobbies we've taken up since cancelling our subscription.

Living Without... A Television | Apartment Therapy Re-Nest
4/19/10 02:20 PM

We have vinyl in both the bathroom and the kitchen that looks like someone attempted to spread it out like a rug. It isn't fitted correctly, leaving areas with too much leftover or too little. It's terrible and I do my best to decorate more to camo it rather than actually decorate.


Does Your Home Have DIYs You Wish Hadn't Been Done? | Apartment Therapy Boston
2/8/10 09:16 PM