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I have two male kittens. (8 months old now) I started them on 'special kitty' cat litter because it was the cheapest, but it was horribly dusty, and did nothing for the smell. It was also a horrible tracker.
I use tidy cats, multipul cat instant action cat litter and it's fine, but it tracks, and does not do anything for the smell.
I tried to get them to use "World's Best" because 'I' like it, it doesn't smell, and the tracking is okay, but my cats won't use it. I tried in their main litter box, mixed with their old litter, and in their spare litter box, which they just like to pee in. They wouldn't use their spare box, and they didn't like it in their main box.
I hate the dust in clay cat litters, but that seems to be what the cats like.
I do have a small maybe 800 sqft 2brm apartment, and I really have to find something that will take care of the smell to the small place. I'm at ends...

Tidy Cats Litter for Small Spaces | Apartment Therapy Chicago
11/30/09 03:58 AM