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Here's the in-wall outlet - 2 grounded plugs, 2USBs, Made in the USA, and only $5 more:

RCA's "Best of Innovation" USB Wall Plate Charger
CES 2012

1/15/12 11:16 AM

That's one reason furniture manufacturers offer down-wrapped cushions.

Flat Cushion Fix: Replacing Your Feathers With Foam
Mod Home Ec

1/11/12 06:22 PM


...and you'd be wrong.

Affordable Version of Eames Molded Plywood Lounge?
Good Questions

9/19/11 03:52 PM

No hard & fast rules here either.

I buy as much on sale and closeouts/seconds as possible - I thrift, eBay and buy used whenever possible or as practical...
...but I've spent small fortunes on professional framing, sewing for custom draperies and re-upholstery work and tilework.

Where Do You Spend vs. Save at Home?
9/19/11 03:50 PM

Great closet!

Before & After: Jen's Glam Closet
9/19/11 01:59 PM

I don't know that I would have chosen that textile, but I like the idea alot - It's a big improvement from the old vinyl!

I wonder how one of these would look in a Navy Velvet?

Before & After: An Eames Lounge Knockoff, Transformed
9/19/11 01:51 PM

I'd like a Mercedes SL, a Breitling Watch, a Leather Chesterfield Sofa and an Hermes Throw - and they're way out of my budget...
...but rather than looking for cheap knockoffs - I know that I can either buy used and/or work hard and save money for the real thing.

Affordable Version of Eames Molded Plywood Lounge?
Good Questions

9/19/11 01:49 PM

Not impressed

H&M Home: Finally Launching in the US
9/17/11 02:16 PM

Good Grief...

Autumnal Decor: Dreamcatchers (Yes, Dreamcatchers)
9/16/11 03:29 PM

IMO, dividing up an already narrow space by planting a bookcase in the middle of the room or a sofa facing the windows is going to make it feel like a bowling alley in there.

The floorplan gives you about the best layout you can hope for - If anything, forget the desk in the corner by the kitchen and back the dining table up to the back of the sofa.

Good Entry Arrangement for Living Room?
Good Questions

9/16/11 01:18 PM

It's one thing to do different types of windows coverings (ie: draperies and roman shades) in the same fabric within a room...
...but doing different fabrics makes it look like you just picked up whatever was on sale and threw them up willy-nilly.

Personally, it doesn't appear that you get much light in this space - I don't see the need for blinds, just some draperies at the bay that meet the sill and at the other window that do the same
(I sure hope you plan on getting rid of the empty beer bottles and procuring some tables for your lamps)

Mix and Match Window Treatments?
Good Questions

9/14/11 12:46 PM

There's a whole-lotta WOW goin on there!

Samer's 1930's Streamline Moderne Apartment
House Tour

9/14/11 12:40 PM

From the photos shown here (I couldn't get the Lonny site to work without crashing the Win-doze computer) there isn't anything MCM about this place...
...its much more Hollywood Regency.

A Mid-Century Modernists's Dream Apartment

9/14/11 12:36 PM

I love my Heath, but most of my pieces (and I have quite a bit) are purchased pre-owned off eBay or from the factory as seconds...
...and normally I would be thrilled to own Tiffany china, but that which is shown is about the most drab stuff I've ever seen - I honestly thought it was Bistro-ware from Williams Sonoma.

I say get rid of the Tiffany - which is probably seldom used - and get the Heath which you can use every day.

Would You Sell One Treasure to Buy Another?
9/13/11 06:39 PM

"...if you want vintage American made furniture, as I do, Ebay is a great source. I often wonder why AT doesn't do Ebay fabulous finds."

My home is filled with lovely furniture & decorative pieces purchased thru eBay - I'd be at a complete loss without eBay!

What's the Most Intimidating Piece to Purchase Online?
9/13/11 12:25 PM

I woudn't paint or wallpaper - It's a great place as-is.

Sometimes, one needs to know when to say "Done"

Help with Loft Paint Choices?
Good Questions

9/13/11 12:21 PM

You're supposed to wash your pillows & duvet - not throw them out!

Just haul them into the local laundry and put them in the large industrial machine with half a thing of soap - and into the dryer with a tin of tennis balls.

How Often Should You Replace Bedroom Pillows?
9/13/11 12:19 PM

I'm glad he's happy with it - but I'm unimpressed.

Marc Jacobs' Paris Apartment
W Magazine

9/8/11 03:19 PM

vapidtoast is right - You can't always get what you want.

Toss a couple of round colorful throw rugs on the floor and call it a day.

Ways to Change This Tile for Daughter's Bathroom?
Good Questions

9/6/11 01:15 PM

Love this place
So much nicer than the typical "Afternoon at IKEA" makeover we see here...

Before & After(s): Mark's Opulent Bachelor Pad
9/6/11 11:56 AM