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Transparent containers everywhere possible. We use the transparent shoe boxes (larger size) from The Container Store in our only closet. In the kitchen cupboards we use glass canisters to store any kind of food that will reasonably fit in them (rice, popcorn, etc.). We have no drawers in our apt., including our kitchen, so we've had to be creative. Normally I hate buying plastic, but these boxes have been in use for 10 years. And this year I indulged my Virgo geekiness buy buying a label-maker;)

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1/24/11 10:51 AM

I want to live here! I would love to know where the shower curtain is from. . .

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5/30/10 11:48 AM

p.s. -- that's my comment from "seapup" above.

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3/11/10 09:41 PM

Thanks, guys. I didn't even realize there were cotton versions and that's good to know. It's going under the table in the dining room, so I wish I could see their weight/texture in person. This design seems like one that someone would have copied closely, but I've come to the end of the internet looking for it! On the other hand, maybe it's too dangerous--I read a bit about Weinrib suing West Elm for copying her designs.

More Affordable Zig Zag Rug?Good Questions | Apartment Therapy Chicago
3/11/10 09:40 PM

Hi desinggal94,

That would be great. That was one of the ones I was looking for but of course there aren't any more around.

Thanks for your ideas, everybody.


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