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Lisa in SC, What a kind, thoughtful soul you are to go that extra distance to try to help MariM1. Her story, and so many here, have also touched me. Such a different thread for AT, but obviously one that so many can relate to. As someone who has been self employed for the past 18 yrs, I always live on a budget. Depending on the economy, some years it is an extremely tight one, other years I have more breathing room, so I truly appreciate everyone sharing their coping mechanisms for those tight times. I feel very fortunate that I have been able to make a living doing what I love, and even though money may be tight at times, I am grateful for my creative talent and ability to always find the resources I need to get through a rough patch. Having a great support system with friends and family is key for me.

Budget Living: Living On Minimum Wage
7/25/14 10:47 PM

I'll take any of these backsplashes over subway tile. Nice to see some creativity and color!

Kitchen Inspiration: 10 Tile Backsplashes That Totally Steal the Show
7/2/14 03:02 PM

The reveal has been well worth the wait, Dan. I hope you enjoy cooking and entertaining in this new kitchen for years to come. Thank you so much for sharing this, from start to finish. I'll continue to follow you over at your blog now.

Dan's Kitchen: The Big Reveal Renovation Diary
4/2/14 07:44 PM

Hang in there, Dan. The finish line is in sight! Anxiously awaiting the big reveal...

Dan's Kitchen: Edging Towards Completion Renovation Diary
3/5/14 09:19 PM

Like many here, I will also miss this makeover series when completed. Your engaging writing style and creative approach and patience with this project has been so fun to follow. I also live in the Boston area and have a small kitchen desperately in need of rehabbing, so I truly have appreciated your willingness to share the process from start to finish.

Dan's Kitchen: A Custom Solution Renovation Diary
2/22/14 07:28 AM

Great job! Your hard work certainly paid off. Enjoy!

Before & After: Creepy Metal Eyesore Gets a Second Glance
2/13/14 01:42 PM

I agree with all of the comments posted so far.

Swedish Reindeer Hides
12/9/13 10:01 AM

I enjoyed this tour of this homey and unique space! This couple has a great eye for making their small space inviting, spacious, and full of their personalities! Thank you both for sharing.

Whitney and Adam's Live/Work Canal Cottage House Tour
10/23/13 07:36 AM

Anyone know the source for the couch in picture #7? bottom row, 2nd from right?

Even More Unusual Color Combos:
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9/2/13 07:16 PM

It is inspiring and refreshing to see a very nice kitchen makeover done on a budget and done in stages. Not everyone can afford these grand makeovers we typically see. This was a smart way to go. Chris and Julia could tweak and modify their needs over this 2 yr time span, and also not leave themselves cash poor or in debt. Thanks so much for sharing!

Before & After: A Kitchen Goes From Eek to Chic on a 10k Budget
8/8/13 10:44 AM

I could see those chairs in navy and also paint the 2 back walls on each of those built in china cabs navy. I love navy and orange, especially if your husband is too shocked by using a bolder turquoise. If you replaced the light with a large pendant with a colorful fabric shade, that would give you an additional pop of color and interest. Keep the table top bare for a clean look. Removing the gingerbread on the built ins would also give you a more contemporary look. What a fun space!

What Color Should I Paint My Windsor Chairs? Good Questions
6/7/13 09:59 AM

Great job and I hope we get to see your new home when that happens!

Kim & Scott's Full of Fond Memories Small Cool Contest
5/15/13 09:18 AM

I'm with you on this one!!!

7 Fresh New Alternatives to Subway Tile Coverings 2013
5/10/13 06:29 PM

I agree with with what several have said so far. After reading the wonderful description of this place, I was eagerly looking forward to seeing some great shots of the actual rooms, not just close ups of furnishings. I was also hoping to see a glimpse of the garden/patio space through one of those windows to get a sense of what the view from the inside looking out was like. I always applaud and respect anyone who opens up their home to us here, so thank you both for sharing.

Jenny & Sarah's Gracefully Aged Apartment Small Cool Contest
5/9/13 10:54 AM

Great use of a small space.

Hadley's Cozy Condo in Boston Small Cool Contest
5/6/13 11:46 AM

I really enjoyed this house/studio tour. Mary's creativity and personality is in each and every room, making this home a place you would want to visit on a regular basis. It's very refreshing. Thank you for opening up your home to us, Mary!

Mary's Singular Live/Work Studio House Tour
4/15/13 09:08 PM

Wow, you must feel like you have died and gone to heaven. What a magical transformation. Kudos to your architect and to you for having the vision. Thank you for sharing.

Shell's Renovated Lofty Studio House Tour
4/11/13 01:59 PM

Beautiful. Very serene. Did you stencil those shades?

Rosa's Stylish Collection Bedroom My Bedroom Retreat Contest
3/25/13 06:00 PM

Love this room!

Allister's Surrounded by History Bedroom My Bedroom Retreat Contest
3/23/13 08:51 PM

Love the doll clothes in the frame, especially the placement of the long dress!

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2/8/13 08:03 PM