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I definitely agree that the front yard is where it's at! In the front we have a sandbox, patio table, tree swing, tree rope, water table, and our favorite, edible landscaping! It is a wonderful way to see our neighbors, take part in our community, and have plenty of spontaneous play time with friends and neighbors who pass by. We have several edibles in our landscaping, including an entire fence-row of thornless blackberries which we encourage our neighbors to graze on as they pass!

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7/9/14 03:34 PM

All of these are great ideas! I would like to suggest another potential--the gift of experiences. Instead of things, you might be able to encourage friends and family to give experiences such as memberships to museums, zoos, etc. or a month of swim lessons or painting classes. I will say that I have had some success with this and these gifts usually keep on giving long after a toy. It hasn't worked all of the time and sometimes relatives will get both experiences AND toys, but it is certainly worth a shot!

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1/9/14 03:32 PM

I second that recommendation of the SNE granola. I make a big batch every week and it is divine!

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1/31/12 12:22 PM