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11/27/11 04:01 PM

I'm 6'6", and 60" is about as high as I think I could go with a dresser - my 48" Malm serves me well. That said, I could completely understand wanting a tall dresser if you have a lot of clothes (or are sharing this with another person) and live in a small apartment, if you're very tall and/or don't mind using a stepping stool to get clothes you don't use often. It could be a good use of vertical space.

I agree with Bianca, as long as they're stable - that'll get you to a bit over 60". And the 55" West Elm dresser that bepsf linked to is beautiful.

Recommendations for Tall Modern Dressers?
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1/10/11 09:32 PM

It's not crafty in the way these are, but MOMA is selling a great small paper Christmas tree designed by Robert Sabuda:

Inspiration for Christmas Tree Alternatives | Apartment Therapy New York
12/16/09 02:12 PM