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I read a couple forgettable chick lit books on a LA to Paris flight a few years ago and left them in a book drop kiosk in Sarlat. Then I read Pride & Prejudice off an iPhone, on a train from Nice to Paris. I've gone back and re-read Michael Crichton's Travels and Dumas's Count of Monte Cristo on multiple vacations. It's easier for me to really relax if I already know the outcome and can just enjoy the writing.

Literary Travels: Where Were You When You Read Your Favorite Books?
7/26/13 08:40 PM

I live in an apartment with a small kitchen. I got a countertop dishwasher that I store in a pantry on a cart with wheels. I roll out when I need it. It is awesome. Couple hundred bucks; you plug it into the sink faucet and into a regular outlet for power. Does a bunch of dishes and is energy star rated. Love it.

Hate Washing Dishes? Try the "One Soapy Sponge" Trick
10/19/12 06:33 PM

The image shows a faux-brick street, not cobblestone.
However, for a legit brick paved street, you could always go the route of the amazing brick-laying machine: http://inhabitat.com/amazing-brick-machine-rolls-out-roads-like-carpet/

Cute & Coveted: Faux Cobblestone Street
10/18/12 04:39 PM

Grad school in St. Louis, one block from Wash U's campus and the huge Forest Park, one bedroom/one bath with big porch, wood floors and claw foot tub for $425/month. One of my friends lived down the street and had a 3 bedroom all by himself for maybe a few bucks more...had an entire room for all the empty boxes he moved in with.

Tell Us: What Was Your Best
Apartment Deal Ever?

8/3/12 04:45 PM

"I LOVE amenities!!" (and Park & Rec).

"Girl Heaven": Tom's Apartment On Parks & Recreation
4/27/12 01:22 PM

Great job! Really lovely place. I work right down the street from here and the neighborhood is fantastic too. Congrats!

Matt Makes His Tiny Rental into a Home
House Tour

1/20/12 03:05 PM

I love BA. I lived there for a few months, studying architecture in grad school. My list of must see's: Museo Xul Solar, amazing design shops in Palermo "Hollywood" including a gorgeous Puma Store-slash-bar, Calatrava's Puente de la Mujer, the opera house, and Pasaje Barolo which was designed as an allegory to Dante's Divine Comedy. The building is exactly 100 meters tall and has mutiple tiers that correspond to the levels of hell, purgatory and paradise described in Dante's work.

Buenos Aires for Design Addicts
1/5/12 04:52 PM

One Magic Christmas. I cry every time. So good.

'Tis the Season: Christmas on Film
12/16/11 07:55 PM

"The 405 - bougie traffic; the 110 - that's gangsta traffic". love this.

A "Don't Miss" Video: Ice Cube on the Eames in LA
12/9/11 12:38 PM

You can buy the same Klein canvas tool bag for around $50 through Home Depot.

Design Lovers Gift Guide: Under $100
11/22/11 12:00 PM

Love this. You can get prints of that photo here: http://www.yellowkorner.com/photos/717/poolside-gossip.aspx

Palm Springs-Inspired Nursery
D Magazine

11/16/11 07:37 PM

Ashcraft - not Ashcroft. My bad.

The Right Color: Finding the Perfect Palette for Every Room in Your Home
Book Review

11/16/11 03:26 PM

Great article and pics about Ashcroft in the NYTimes the other week too: http://www.nytimes.com/2011/10/20/garden/eve-ashcraft-the-paint-doctor-is-in.html

The Right Color: Finding the Perfect Palette for Every Room in Your Home
Book Review

11/16/11 03:18 PM

bwahahahaha. This is stupid. All the comments made my day though.

Geronimo: Jumbo Balloons for Parties
11/16/11 01:31 PM

Aniston has one "n". Lady has some good taste in real estate.

Jennifer Anniston Shops Around for More NYC Real Estate
Design News 11.8.11

11/8/11 12:05 PM

For folks around Los Angeles, mid-century design is being highlighted in multiple museums and galleries across the city - all part of a 6-month event called Pacific Standard Time; a big exhibit to view is at LACMA: http://www.lacma.org/art/exhibition/californiadesign

Crafting Modernism: Midcentury American Art and Design
Museum of Arts and Design

10/31/11 12:16 PM

Wabi sabi is a Japanese aesthetic of simplicity, beauty, etc. It roughly translates to "keep it simple, stupid".

Chris & Kenny's New Santa Barbara Home
House Tour

10/20/11 04:16 PM

All of the links are bad. Can someone fix them?

The Daily Scavenger: Western Edition

10/18/11 05:26 PM

I'll respect my roll by placing it in the cabinet with the other 2 or 3 spare ones.

Cottonelle's Respect the Roll: A Toilet Paper Makeover
10/11/11 03:36 PM

Having a regional round-up is not helpful. It reduces the amount of links for each city, and since Craigslist relies on the buyer picking up their purchase, seeing what's available 2 or 3 states away is pointless.

The Daily Scavenger: Western Edition
10/11/11 01:38 PM