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Yep, I use my food processor too. But I'm kind of a lazy chef soooo.... I'm sure it's fun to tear it up with these guys, though.

Meat Shredders from Williams-Sonoma
7/5/13 08:32 PM

If I had a ridiculous amount of space to waste in a cavernous kitchen, maybe, or I may find something else to display. Like pyrex.

Would You Ever Store Your Cookbooks Facing Out Like This? Kitchen Inspiration
6/6/13 07:15 AM

I had that same knife holder. The only problem was that the knives got rusty too quickly and too easily. It was still cute though!

Roy & Dana's Modern With Vaulted Ceilings Kitchen
Kitchen Spotlight

7/25/11 07:57 PM

A friend of mine made some sliders using equal amounts of ground turkey and black beans, added garlic and put it all in a blender, then cooked them into patties and they were amazing! Sorry I don't really have the recipe...

Easy Pantry Dinners: 5 Recipes with A Can of Black Beans
5/29/11 04:30 PM

No, but I threw up after eating too many carrots once. I never thought that would happen. I ate like 6 carrots one day all in one sitting at work and then threw up. It wasn't fun.

No-Bake Strawberry Icebox Cake & Getting a Carrot Tan
This Time Last Year

5/29/11 04:21 PM

Agh, that top one is amazing but who has $300 to spend on a damned lemonade dispenser??

Perfect Pour: 5 Stylish Beverage Dispensers
5/7/11 12:46 PM

Sorry, all I can think of when I see Creme Fraiche is that South Park episode making fun of food porn. Cause I'm classy like that.
haha but these look nice.

Sunset Magazine's Strawberry Crème Fraîche Sherbet
Cookbook Review + Recipe from The One Block Feast

5/7/11 12:43 PM

I love the stencil. This has inspired me to paint my apartment. I just renewed my lease for another year and it can't be that hard to paint white again if I use lighter colors. I love this, it's so awesome!

Apartment Therapy - #16 - Emily G Goes Nuts
10/12/07 08:58 AM