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I think this is brilliant. We have a 120-year old house. The back stairs are just painted white and tan. I've wanted to add a little personality, and have been seriously considering tiling the risers. But as one poster noted, old homes aren't the most plumb. So tile would be a challenge. The trends are also pretty narrow, and even a quarter inch makes a difference. Now, the challenge - as someone else mentioned - is finding the wallpaper without having to buy two rolls of each pattern.

Idea to Steal: Mixed Prints on Stair Risers
3/12/12 11:24 PM

Our son, now nine months old, never liked to be rocked. It's vitally important to have a comfy spot to feed and help little ones fall back asleep. Even though we have a rocker in his room, I found myself spending most nights sitting on the sofa. If you decide that you do want a rocker or glider - and I cannot stress this enough - find one that's comfortable. I don't mean to sit in; I mean getting in and out of. We picked a chair that was wonderful to sit in, but you couldn't get out of the darn thing with an infant in your arms.

Is a Glider or Rocker a Nursery Necessity? Nesting a Nursery
3/12/12 11:16 PM

Zowy! I love that first one. The stripes give a zing to the playful, oversized florals. Quirky, mod and fab. Clearly not suited to everyone's taste, but I really respond to the youthful fun of it all.

Pattern-on-Pattern Inspiration: Stripes & Florals
11/19/11 06:35 PM