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I agree with the posts about the ad being beautiful. It is. It's also pointless, isn't it? I like shopping at Ikea for what it is -- good stuff (mostly) at great prices, and sometimes with a stylish or utility twist -- and those are great attributes to attract people even in a difficult economic environment (or, as someone here noted, even if they don't necessarily consciously think about their homes, per se). So why produce some obviously expensive, broadly thematic ad that reaches to connect with abstractions of home...illustrated with galloping horses, flocks of birds, yadda yadda? The Ikea branding makes sense on a Powerpoint slide -- company = can imagine the little boxes and connecting lines -- but the realization of it is vastly distant from being relevant or any more consciously obvious to consumers. I've written about it a bit on DIM BULB if you want to check it out:

Apartment Therapy - Home is the Most Important Place in the World
9/20/07 03:58 AM