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I never thought I would "favorite" a place with a denim patchwork couch, but it works, and I love it!

Adam's Afternoon Light Small Cool Contest
4/19/12 02:23 PM

That low seating nook by the window is fantastic. I love it all.

Sandy & Nick's Seems Huge Small Cool Contest
4/18/12 04:03 PM

I want to live in that bed.

I really love this.

Brenda's Curiosity Shop Small Cool Contest
4/18/12 12:18 PM

Love the greyhound photobomb!

Jen's Calm & Quiet Home Small Cool Contest
4/18/12 12:16 PM

Beautiful. I'm visiting London in June, any chance you would rent it out!?

Jane's Open Plan Small Cool Contest
4/13/12 02:14 PM

Really amazing. Where in Chicago are you?

Mike's Original Details Small Cool Contest
4/11/12 05:25 PM

My thoughts exactly. I currently live in an apt where the only bathroom is off the bedroom...I hate it.

Buy an Entire House from IKEA: Aktiv
3/2/12 02:23 PM

I LOVE this. First house tour in a while that has really grabbed me. Beautiful job, Lindsey!

Lindsey's Indoor/Outdoor Home in the San Rafael Hills
House Tour

1/13/12 12:25 PM

Where is Chicago!? I miss the old format...

The Daily Scavenger: Midwest Edition

12/16/11 12:55 PM

Or like being pelted with a bunch of rocks!

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Holiday Giveaway 2011

12/6/11 12:49 PM

I second HCI's recommendation of Sherwin Williams 'Marooned':

It looks like it has all the grey/red/eggplant/brown undertones that the picture seems to have.

Good luck, it will be lovely!

What Color Is This Wall?
Good Questions

11/10/11 10:17 AM

"If you somehow found or were given them then you can return them to the dairy listed on the side of the crate"

That's a wee bit absurd, no? I live in Chicago and there are milk crates in every alley, but not a dairy farm for miles. I have no car, so in order to return a crate (which probably runs less than $2 wholesale) I would have to rent a car, buy a bus ticket or ask a friend to take me. Maybe your friends are nicer than mine, but I am fairly sure mine would not set aside a day to return a milk fact, they would most likely laugh in my face. It seems the gas and pollution involved far outweigh the benefits of returning it.

Also, I don't hate the console. Not exactly practical as is, and it could stand a bit more of a uniform look, but the legs and that one bright pink pop redeem it for me.

Clever Console Made from Milk Crates

9/20/11 05:46 PM

Though pink would not be my hue of choice, I think this chair could look stunning in the right room. The burnt orange drapes and beige rug just don't suit it.

Before & After: An Eames Lounge Knockoff, Transformed
9/19/11 01:45 PM

I have seen only the bladeless fan up close, and as far as I could tell it was silent. I also think they are much more design savvy than a box fan and take up a bit less space. For parents, the bladeless aspect is priceless as little fingers won't be a worry and a topple won't send your place up in flames.

Still, the $400 price tag is a bit hard to swallow and the power from the fan I saw was hardly enough to cool and entire 15x15 room, leading me to believe a single unit would do little to nothing for a 1500 sq ft apt. It is a great item, but I don't see myself purchasing until the price drops a substantial amount.

He does have a fantastic voice though...

New and Just in Time for Winter: Dyson Hot Fan Heater
9/15/11 05:36 PM

I don't know if anyone else suggested this, but a bold rug may be the only punch of color you would need. If that's not doing it for you, I would agree with the masses and go for a pale grey.

Color Prescription: What Color Would You Choose?
The Color Cure

8/17/11 05:20 PM

This is a pretty obvious no-no for parents and pet owners...

The No-Money Makeover that Conceals Office Cords
8/15/11 04:47 PM

I am 28, on my 12th place, and I still plan on moving around quite a bit. I love exploring new neighborhoods and the thought of not being able to pick up and move to a new place really frightens me. Perhaps I am not "adult" enough to buy a place, but I probably couldn't afford to buy a place in the city (Chicago) anyway.

Moving Stats
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8/10/11 12:46 PM

Do yourself a favor and call Ikea before going to pick up a Lack shelf. I drove an hour on Sunday to pick 3 of these up and they said they were sold out until at least mid-September.

Dorm Style: Scandinavian Modern
8/9/11 02:57 PM

I was just thinking that! Then I looked at the price...

Chrome Rocker - $55
Chicago Scavenger

8/3/11 01:48 PM

Also, the most memorable interior for me (besides all Wes Anderson flicks) is Lisa Bonet's apartment in High Fidelity. So great.

Cinema Style: 20 Unforgettable American Movie Interiors
8/3/11 01:46 PM