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I just bought these awesome wood grain print coasters from Moderndose! The knit print ones are too cute too!

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Do You Coaster?
12/3/07 11:02 PM

I love's a toss up between a hand painted mural or the Owl chalkboard decals from for our new son's nursery.

Apartment Therapy - Look! Art Covered Walls
11/26/07 09:04 AM

love the colored ones!

Apartment Therapy - Wood Grain Coasters at Modern Dose
11/9/07 03:35 PM

Yeah has a great deal at $149 each with free shipping plus a choice or black, white or red seat pad...I think they are doing a 2 for 1 sale on their "S" chairs too!

Apartment Therapy - Good Questions: Costco's Bert Wire Stools vs. the Real Thing?
11/9/07 11:19 AM carries a version without the cheap paint finish for $115 plus free shipping.

Apartment Therapy - Lasenza Chair by Eurway#comments
11/8/07 11:54 AM

don't forget moderndose's BUY 1 GET 1 FREE SALE on their "S" chairs!

Apartment Therapy - Weekly Sales Calendar: 11.01.07
11/8/07 08:31 AM

I bought the Eames Management "inspired" Padded chair from about a year ago from and it is suprisingly comfortable and well made. It was the only place I was able to find it in a chocolat brown and I really wasn't up to paying $1700 for a original chair...$650 seems much more realistic for an office chair!

Apartment Therapy - Lunchtime Survey: The Best Task Chair?
11/2/07 01:05 PM

I am a mom of a 2 year old and newborn. We are unplanned cosleepers as I nursed with both. Now with our 2month old I can't imagine not cosleeping because it seems the only way for me to get any decent sleep as well as some good cuddle time with my son...I don't have as much one on one time with him since he is my second. I used to be so nervous about it but now I realize that I don't move in my sleep and I keep him on my side and not sandwiched between my less than predictable husband. He's still too small to roll over off of our queen size bed but when he's big enough to do so he'll be making the move to the crib. He's a much better cuddler than my husband anyway.

Apartment Therapy - Blogging The New York Times: Shhh...My Child Is Sleeping (in My Bed, Um, With Me)
10/30/07 10:41 PM

Best looking replicas I've seen so far for 1/2 the price....

Apartment Therapy - Good Questions: Do You Prefer the Eames Group's or CB's Office Chair?
9/19/07 05:05 PM