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You can screw your coat hooks/shelves onto a wooden board and screw the board to the studs if you're worried about the plaster and lath holding.
If you want to get fancy, you can add some decorative molding strips to dress up the board.
As for the pipes, I don't know how much modification you are allowed/want to do, but some white board and batten wainscoting going up the stairs paired with a fun wall color up top could look really classy and create a distraction. Can you tell I like old houses? I'm such a sucker for woodwork.

Help with Landing Strip in Small Apartment?
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11/4/11 06:04 PM

If it were my space (and how I wish I had this kind of space!) - wood counter (love stone counters, but I think marble or granite could still read "bathroom"), sweet pendant light, framed mirrors, and either paint or paper a pretty pattern on the walls to set it apart. Not sure it would make sense with that doorway to the right, but one of those small wire chairs with the tufted seat cushion could look really cute. If no chair, then a fabric skirt for the counter to provide some hidden storage underneath.

How To Make Bedroom Vanity Less Bathroom-Like?
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11/4/11 09:25 AM

We own a two-family and are closest with our tenants downstairs, who are about the same age as us. We invite each other to parties. We're also friendly with our across-the-street neighbor who often hangs out on her steps to smoke. We were glad for her for the period of time that she quit, but then we never saw her! There's the other across-the-street neighbor and his toddler daughter, and the neighbors with the amazing garden who are always working on it, and our next door neighbor who was actually born in our house and is thrilled that we're finally making it nice again (our house is the definition of "fixer-upper") and loans us tools all the time. I wish we knew our neighbors on the other side enough to be invited over for dinner. They're Nepalese and we can smell the curry from our driveway. Smells delicious! The comment above about sidewalks and no cars is so true. While many people in our urban neighborhood do have cars, very few have garages or even driveways - just on-street parking. I'd like to know more neighbors on the block - maybe we'll do the flyer thing to invite them all to our next barbecue.

Do You Know Your Neighbors?
5/31/11 10:38 AM

Basic quarter-round trim is very affordable and will help make the edge of the floor look a little more finished. You can even use trim creatively on the wall to add some 3D texture. If you want actual baseboard, sometimes Habitat for Humanity Re-Stores or other salvage places will have pieces of baseboard left over from construction sites - worth a look since you wouldn't need very much.

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5/23/11 06:48 PM

I'd be particularly interested in shade-friendly back yard design ideas (we have a giant maple tree and a pile of dirt back there). Seems when I go to the garden store everything's partial-to-full-sun at minimum.
Also, tiny gardens - I'm drawn to wandering paths and wildflower meadows myself, but I know that's just not going to happen in my 6'x10' front "yard".

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3/24/11 09:41 AM

My LG fridge is great - and was only $1100 from Home Depot. It's a energy-star french door fridge with a bottom freezer drawer (not a bottom door - why do those exist?) And no water/ice in the door, though it does have an ice maker in the freezer that we don't use. It's 30" wide, and 19.7cu.ft. capacity, so among the smaller of the "nice" fridges. I was looking for and hoping to buy an energy-star-qualified basic smaller fridge for our rental unit downstairs, but none of the basic models had energy star ratings. At least then (~2 years ago).

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3/4/11 11:59 AM

Similar to Mary's comment, switching out the ribbed glass shades for some dish/diffuser shades is super easy. If you get plain ones, you can customize them with paint/markers, stencil a cool pattern, or line with a fun decorative paper.
It's true it's also pretty easy to switch out the fixture entirely - but if you do that, it's safer to shut off the circuit instead of just relying on the wall switch. Wiring configurations can get complicated, and there may still be a hot connection in the box even though the light is off.

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2/17/11 08:01 PM

Just wanted to give another shout-out for Somerville. I've been living here for 7 years now (1 in Teele Sq., 5 in Union Sq., and now in Winter Hill). Nora Rocket's list of neighborhoods is a great one to consider.
In addition to the public transportation consideration, also consider if you want to commute by bike. Completely possible, even into downtown Boston from one of the "over the river" towns. Somerville, Cambridge, and Arlington have good dedicated bike/walk paths. Jamaica Plain, from what I hear, also has a great path.
Lastly, I'll echo twnt1andcounting and say stay away from the B branch of the green line unless you want to frequently be squished on a train with a car full of drunk BU undergrads. Also, any branch of the green line is bad on a Red Sox game day.

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9/7/10 08:42 PM

@clampers Most of the time the pull-out shelves are behind closed cabinet doors, and they're primarily of a practical, not decorative function. Totally with you on vessel sinks though.

Converting Kitchen Shelves into Drawers | Apartment Therapy Boston
7/1/10 12:40 PM

I agree with either the beadboard or pressed tin to cover the orange tile. And then plain black porcelain knobs can help un-countrify the cabinets at least a little bit. The granite is a really unfortunate color/pattern. The oilcloth comment was interesting, but I don't know if that would be an improvement. One idea I found is big floor tiles in a basic color with a layer of felt to protect the original counter. The weight of the big tiles will keep them in place. And then some kind of tape or ribbon around the exposed granite edge. Or, since they're easier to cut to fit, mosaic tiles that come in sheets - B&W hex could be fun, if unusual as a counter surface. Mind the gaps though - I wouldn't want to have to clean stuff out of ungrouted hex tile. Since it's impermanent, maybe caulk instead of grout? Tilers, could that work?

Impermanent Fixes to "Hideous" Rental Kitchen? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy Boston
6/4/10 12:12 PM