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uh... a fake inspirational letter? isn't that a contradiction in terms? a letter's value comes from the emotional sentiment we attach to it, and that comes primarily from our relationship with the person who sent it.

Framing Notes and Letters
8/18/10 07:28 PM

eh, not a fan. not at least with a martini.

All-in-One Cocktail Garnish: Tipsy Cocktail Stirrers
8/16/10 03:44 PM

reiterating heather77's comment, I think the lighting/time of day might have a bit to do with the after pictures. I like before better, but neither seem like the optimal use of the space.

Color Therapy: Michael's Traditional Foyer & Grand Staircase
Reader Painting Project

8/16/10 03:39 PM

it's been said so many times, but yes, the lack of summer in SF is depressing. I feel like I would even take New England/Mid-Atlantic 90's some days.

In Praise of an Affogato on a Chilly Summer's Night
8/12/10 02:12 AM

the xbox does not have a blu-ray player.

The Perfect Dorm Room: Tech Any Student Would Love
8/12/10 01:43 AM