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No matter what we do, we still pay more than 1/2 our pay on shoeboxes with views of garbage cans, just so we can go out once a week and eat expensive chicken and waffles or fish tacos. Big deal. I'm over it. I want a house.

Before & After: Create a 'Bedroom' in a Studio Apartment with Ikea Panels
12/4/13 05:21 AM

You could poke your eye out in this place.

Lauren & Stiles' Southern Bohemian Homestead House Tour
9/20/13 04:21 PM

holy smokes. I don't know what I want to say right now. Maybe I'll say nothing. Nope, I've already said too much.

Patrick's Rural Agrarian Roots House Tour
9/12/13 05:38 AM

I seriously doubt if 500 year old bricks covered by 400 year old stucco, covered by maybe 100 layers of old paint is staged. Please.

Venice: A Travelogue Color Therapy
9/4/13 11:41 AM

anything red green and white. and raw

Why I Love Summer: Embracing Lazy Cooking
7/22/13 10:56 AM

ugh. I'm cringing. You are a good woman. The cheapest way to change it for the better, is with paint and a garage sale that includes: CD tower circa 1995, table lamp circa 1985, and rug circa never in your wildest dreams. And maybe just maybe if he can part with giant speakers, I'd lose those too. They take up large amounts of space and music can be heard just fine in that room with smaller ones. Obviously, I'm single.

How To De-Bachelorize Boyfriend's House? Good Questions
7/16/13 08:21 AM

I need to leave NYC

Laurel & Margot's Celebration of Craft House Tour
1/5/13 08:11 PM

I need to move out of NYC.

Ruthie & Will's Eclectic Nashville Charmer House Tour
1/5/13 08:03 PM

I can "smell" this room. Incense, rosemary, mushrooms, lavender. yum....

Polly's "Moody Blues" Room Room for Color Contest
10/10/12 01:44 PM

currently, my morning routine consists of cleaning up cat vomit, packing up 4 different food storage containers for toting food to work, running shower water for a 1/2 hour before it gets hot, and washing dishes from the night before. I am out of the house before the sun is up, as I am a teacher. I think I am in need of a routine change.

A Morning Ritual Challenge
10/3/12 02:00 PM

great use of space, but it seems stressful to live with all that stuff. The bedroom seems to be the most peaceful spot in the apartment. My eyes enjoy a blank, calm wall once in a while, and NYC rarely allows that.

An Evolving (and Artistic) East Village Home House Tour
8/16/12 07:25 AM

It only gets me down when I'm already down. I used to love it. I felt so self-sufficient. But lately this summer, I think nothing of nothing more enjoyable than getting ready for work in the morning and hopping into a nice clean car and throwing all my day's necessities on the passenger seat for a change, instead of sitting with them all on my lap on a smelly subway car while the brief A/C blast dries the sweat off my 6:45 am brow. Summer is tough in the city.

Schlepping: The Ultimate Urban Workout
8/6/12 01:21 PM

I agree with " janet UWS."
...............Oh the quietude, the peace, the way my ears adjust themselves to the sounds of silence when i go to small towns. In the city, my brain just can't filter "it all" anymore. It just seems, I don't know, not natural.
I'll trade West Elm, and trendy overpriced jeans shops and Trader Joes any day for a Walmart sitting in the middle of no where.
Give me closed-mindedness, gas guzzling pick-ups, and greasy diners, and at the same time, give me, the oxygen, the trees, the smells of dirt and water and sky, and the sounds of birds, and creatures unseen, and the inner peace that says that this is where humans belong. Not in a high rise box with the only sound being the T.V. I need to move to a small town........

10 Reasons I Love Living in a Small Town
7/8/12 07:15 AM

As much as I would love to make this soup (I'm always craving it and I happen to be a pretty damn good cook), it's probably much more economic for me and other New Yorkers to head down to Chinatown and purchase a giant bowl of this stuff inclusive of all the trimmings, for $5.25. You heard me....$5.25. Our studios might be small here, but the food is worth it.

Recipe: Vegetarian Pho (Vietnamese Noodle Soup)
11/1/11 10:31 AM

I don't think it's the apartment that so many of you guys don't like, I think it's the owner. He seems a little self obsessed. I realize that a person is a part and a product of their environment, but maybe only one pic of his beautiful mug at the end would have been enough.

Mike Mabes' Vintage Inspired Brooklyn Apartment
From Me To You

9/1/10 06:44 AM

Even if you remember to do the dishes...don't forget to clean out the sink trap. I forgot to do so one time and the entire apartment and BUILDING stunk from rotting food bits in the drain trap.

Covering All the Bases Before Vacation | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
7/26/10 09:55 AM

i don't understand why you went through the bother of having the party outside because you just ended up mimicking the interior of the house. It ended up not being the "outdoors" at all, but just the inside brought outside.

Roberto Gil's Plywood Party Tent My Great Outdoors | Apartment Therapy New York
7/13/10 03:48 PM

when you bought your rugs......did u purchase online?

Naseem's Back Bay Live / Work Space House Tour | Apartment Therapy Boston
6/30/10 06:26 AM

is he single?

An Englishman in New York House Tour | Apartment Therapy New York
6/29/10 08:55 AM

i love that you put up a curtain to mask that glass door. Great job!

Sharon's Bathroom Before After Good Question Revisited | Apartment Therapy New York
6/28/10 02:12 PM