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I think these are all good suggestions...although...i have to give my experience of "de-cluttering" in the hopes of saving someone else the misfortune. Several years ago, i thought up this wonderful idea of saving space and getting rid of all of our jewel cases and just keeping cds in a slim case. After all, music was going all digital anyway right? After loosing untold amounts of digital music and other misfortunes, my husband has gotten all nostalgic on us and is going back to the good old fashion jewel cases and purchasing music the vinage way. He likes the idea of looking at his music on a shelf. So althought it save us a ton of space, we are now replacing all cases (which is not cheep) and using the label maker to mark the spine, which by the way, doesn't really work, they don't stick. So just think it through before you toss your cases. As with many of things, i get into a purging mood and then at some point in life i go looking for it again, and its gone forever. Like that cool leather jacket that i donated to the goodwill.

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3/29/11 12:53 PM

so adorable. working on making a "man cave" for my husband. this would make him very happy.

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