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I buy and use good quality skin are products and follow a simple, but very pleasant and gently fragrant cleansing ritual each morning using some of the hot water prepared for a cup of premium tea. I set aside the time after to savor at least the first few sips if not the whole cup. Somehow, even on the bad days, this makes me feel grounded and better able to handle the day.

A Happier, Heathier New Year's Resolution: Treat Yourself to Small Indulgences to Brighten Your Day
1/7/14 09:07 PM

Our neighbors cut down some sickly trees in their yard. This meant a new, direct view to me sitting at my kitchen table in my 2nd floor apartment to everyone coming up the road! I crocheted a panel and it's just the thing, as it lets light in but provides privacy. I made it so I could peak around the edge to look in the driveway.

A Real Front Door: Does This Mean I Have to Start Wearing Pants?
8/12/13 10:04 PM

I purchased a dehydrator a couple of years ago and dry several quarts of tomatoes each summer. For the most part i use them by reconstituting and puréeing into paste as needed. Easy to store, no need to worry about power outages and the freezer. The highly concentrated tomato taste is divine.

Too Many Tomatoes? Make Tomato Paste! Gilt Taste
8/21/12 09:38 PM

I have a Miele that I is still going strong after 8 years which I use to thoroughly dry clean. I also have had a Bissell Big Green for avwhile now that i think is a good wet cleaning vac for the money, but not without flaws. I wrote a review on Amazon, where I bought it because it was the best price (sale, plus free shipping)

Reader Roundup: The Best Vacuum?
1/23/12 07:48 PM