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this isnt a blog about the pros and cons of heating, this is a blog to sell you something. notice how each product is linked? notice there is no negatives for the products?

Convection vs Radiant Heaters: What's The Difference?
10/20/11 08:45 PM

this is stupid. if we are going to assume we need 60 cars to transport 60 people to "60 unique locations simultaneously" then we would need 60 buses to transport those 60 people to 60 locations. But if we are to assume that people can ride the bus and wait for their stop, then why cant we assume those people would want to car pool as well? 4 people per car means we need 15 cars...far less then the 60 pictured. also cars and buses provide for far greater distances then bikes and greater cargo room thus this is not a fair comparison...this is classic first stage thinking and not questioning this photo....

A Visual Case for Getting Out Of the Car
10/14/11 03:13 PM

please change the title of this article to, How To Clean Baked On Food With Tin Foil after you have added water then applied heat, using elbow grease and a wooded spatula to scrape, using some soap, using coarse salt and oil to increase scrubbing power, then using water softener, and next using baking soda followed by waiting generous amount of time, rinse, then repeat.

How To Clean Baked On Food With Tin Foil
6/7/11 11:05 PM

dont we have a stainless steel industry that makes safer travel containers? go buy a stainless travel hot or cold mug and reuse the glass in the kitchen.

Living Without Plastic: Turn A Glass Jar Into A Travel Mug
Carissa's Creative Space

5/9/11 05:01 PM

Does anyone else realize that not a single pallet is weathered? all the manufacturing marks are fresh (if those are the manufactures label). Does anyone else see that this is a waste of wood?

More Pallet Love: An Office Built Entirely Out Of Pallets!

9/28/10 06:18 PM

quick thought, lets encourage people to use a scrapper or rubber spatula to scrape food off the plate before loading into a washer....this way it would save water.

Avoid These 8 Common Dishwasher Mistakes
9/8/10 06:19 PM

things inspired by graffiti, encourages its use. i dont have a problem with graffiti, i just see a contradiction. why do we encourage graffiti? we do because it doesnt effect us. imagine renting the perfect spot, living in it for a while and coming home from work one day and seeing your door tagged? Im sure you wouldnt be thinking that this is a great piece of art. what if graffiti artist tired of tagging train cars and moved on to ones personal vehicle? what if it was your prius that was tagged? would you think the resale value would go up? would you just live with the paint on your car?

Writing on the Wall: Domesticating City Graffiti
Inside Man

8/31/10 07:36 PM

this is an awesome idea.

Look! Kyocera's Energy-Saving Green Curtains
Plus Instructions To Grow Your Own

8/31/10 07:19 PM

This is good idea. I was intriqued but have a question. If you knew that you were going to reuse the concrete, why wasnt it broken up into more uniform pieces. Or, would it have been possible for the demo crew cut it up in reuseable sized, squared off pieces?

Creative Reuse: Concrete Stairs
8/24/10 07:27 PM

Wow...awesome display of being green. Instead of repairing or reuseing of even recycling the steel and rubber, this company decides to mount them on thier wall. I would love to see a car company take 120 cars and make a display like this....lets see how "green" that would be.

Green Style: Bikes on a Wall
8/19/10 06:53 PM

this is a great thing to promote on a site that you share with Re-nest.....using toxic spray paint to destroy someone elses property, forcing the victim to repaint with equalily toxic paint or strip it off with some other product that is bad just so the walls are clean again and graffiti artist can start the process all over!

Writing on the Wall: Domesticating City Graffiti Inside Man | Apartment Therapy Boston
6/9/10 07:12 PM