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You really cannot miss the environmental message and it's a great movie!

Apartment Therapy ohdeedoh | Blogging The Environmentalism of Wall-E
7/25/08 11:14 AM

These are exactly what we need to keep the migrating toy clutter under control. I'd keep one in all 4 locations we usually play in, to toss in and then easily pick up and return them to their assigned homes. I'd love to win!

Apartment Therapy ohdeedoh | Thursday Giveaway: Bin-Go Storage Bins by Skip Hop
7/25/08 11:11 AM

The Monster is SO fun! Love it!

Apartment Therapy ohdeedoh | Thursday Giveaway: Kideko Bedding
6/29/08 10:59 AM

I find it admirable...but also too extreme. My husband is always complaining that we have too much stuff, and I know I need to curb my tendencies to buy things that aren't really necessities.

That being said, we really do use pretty much everything we have! And, we're in an opposite position right now. We finally just bought our first home, and working very hard to re-do and update it. So, we're kindof in an acquisition phase instead, to furnish it. I have been looking forward to this for a long time (and love the inspiration I get from all of the AT sites!), and want to enjoy it, not feel guilty!

I'd love to travel for a year or too, also, but I don't see how we could ever afford it. When my husband gets a sabbatical year, I'm hoping we can maybe spend time in a few different places in Europe and travel. But, I will want to come back home to my home when we are done.

Also, I'm sure homesteading require some possessions. I mean, they're still going to need a room over their head, places to sleep, eat, and sit, tools to do their work, etc.

Apartment Therapy ohdeedoh | Blogging NYT: Chasing Utopia, Family Imagines No Possessions
6/3/08 10:47 AM

We have the radio flyer that is a knock-off of the Kettler you pictured, with the adult steering handle (genius idea!). While it's obviously not as high quality as the Kettler, it's a good solid trike for a more modest budget. Our daughter loves it and it's held up well.

Apartment Therapy ohdeedoh | Best Of: Trikes
5/21/08 11:43 AM

These look similar to those that a mom locally here in OH makes. I discovered them after my son was too big, but people love them!

Her fabrics aren't all as cute, but some are, her prices are lower, and she'll do custom orders!

Apartment Therapy ohdeedoh | Puj Baby Sling
5/20/08 07:51 AM

what i don't like about it is that the bins that slide in are plastic and not that nice looking, in my opinion.

for kids' toy storage, i think ikea's expedit is a nicer looking option and still super affordable and customizable.

Apartment Therapy ohdeedoh | Hot or Not: Ikea Trofast
5/8/08 11:07 AM

My daughter would go nuts with delight if I won this!

Apartment Therapy ohdeedoh | Thursday Giveaway: Pillows-By-Your-Tyke
4/18/08 05:16 AM

We got this one:

from Alex toys for our daughter for Christmas and she loves it!

Apartment Therapy ohdeedoh | Best Toys for Young Builders
4/18/08 05:14 AM

We also have the expedit horizontally, with baskets and boxes in some of the squares. what we liked about this, in particular, was that our daughter can reach the top and playing on top of them will become easier and easier as she grows. Admittedly, she is 3 and tall, and can reach now, but it's definitely too high for a 14 month old...but it works to use now and grow into.

We also have a small hand-me-down bookcase painted white, with the backs an accent blue, filled with books and bins for toys. I actually love the plain pastel canvas bins from babiesrus. They're sturdy enough even for wooden blocks, but have been light and maneuverable for my daughter since she was very small. Their narrow rectangle ones have an option for dividing into 3, which is great for little people, small animals, etc.

Apartment Therapy ohdeedoh | Good Question: Bookshelves
3/18/08 02:03 PM

I'd love red or lime...both so fun! My ideal diaper bag WOULD have a million pockets, so these seem perfect.

What do I need those pockets for? Keeping tracks of the trillion things I seem to find it necessary to carry with me like stain wipes, baby tylenol (just in case), soft cloths for wiping baby noses and spit up, small bags of toddler snacks, hand sanitizer, hand wipes, sunscreen, extra hat, toys, books, tiny play-doh, extra baby outfit, cell phone, wallet, small pad of paper, crayons, pen, lotion, diaper, toddler cup, adult water bottle, tissues, band-aids, first aid ointment, diaper ointment, etc, in addition to the diapers and wipes. It would extra fantastic if it could also fit my new wrap!

My current diaper bag is just not cutting it now that I have a baby and a toddler.

Apartment Therapy ohdeedoh | Thursday Giveaway: Skip Hop Via Messenger
2/7/08 08:57 AM

I would so LOVE to win/test the chocolate damask tote! It's gorgeous and looks like it has a different enough design that it would solve my current diaper bag dilemma, too!

I have a 2 &1/2 year old daughter and am expecting a baby boy in less than 2 weeks! I have used 5 different diaper bags at this point for different purposes. Some were just too cheap and wore out (NOT something that should be a problem with this Beatrix bag...I'd love to find out!), some just turned out not to be as practical as I'd like. None of them seem like they will be adequate after the new baby is born.

My daughter is still not potty trained, so I need to carry diapers, wipes, and a changing pad for her, in addition to her full array of toddler necessity a no-spill straw cup of water, snacks, and paperback books, restaurant swiped crayon 4-pack, tiny play-doh, stickers, etc. for emergency entertainment.

I don't carry a separate purse (that's especially why the diaper bag has to look nice and be's always with me!), so I have to carry a small amount of my own things (small wallet, cell phone, lip gloss), too. When the new baby is born, of course, I'll have to carry diapers for him, the extra outfit, small blanket and toy, etc., too. I admit that my bag is also full of other things that I consider necessary to have, just in case...and I'm always glad I do (i.e., tiny baby sunblock, hand wipes, stain remover, hand sanitizer, tiny garbage bags for stinky messes, disposable bibs and travel case for toddler silverware, little first aid kit with some bandaids and ointment, etc.).

So, obviously I carry around a ton of stuff...and it's only going to get worse. What I really, really want is a bag that looks beautiful and stylish (especially to help me look slightly more put together on those I-can-only-manage-sweats-days) and has enough room for everything I'd like to have with me. And, the really tricky part...a way to keep the toddler stuff separate from the newborn stuff, and my stuff separate from both! The combination of internal/external pockets on these Beatrix totes look like they just might do it, and I'd love the opportunity to do a review and find out!

Apartment Therapy - Thursday Giveaway: Dante Beatrix Totes
10/12/07 08:39 AM

All of these are nice, but few have refrigerators, which was a must for my daughter. We have a Kidkraft "large kitchen" that my daughter fell in love with at a friend's house and she adores. It's not as big as the name implies, although bigger than the others mentioned. It's also pastel, which we were hoping to avoid, but Kidkraft also makes a really cool primary color island that still features all of the major appliances and is much more compact for small spaces (kids go around it 360 degrees).

We also love all of the wooden Melissa and Doug toy food, dishes, etc. Target has a lot of great wood food, too!

One last thing, Kidkraft also makes the most adorable wooden appliances that my in-laws got for her. Again, they're pastel, but the stand mixer, toaster, coffee maker, and blender (all come with some wooden food accessories) are some of my daughter's favorite parts of her kitchen.

Apartment Therapy - Top Ten: Play Kitchens
9/18/07 08:53 AM