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my list is long:
I grew up in a five story brownstone in Boston, so when I went to friends houses where everything was on the same floor I was ecstatic .....
The hidden rooms in between the wall of the house at my friend's house (her father was a hippie architect)
Same architect built bunk beds out of old doors, they were staggered up the wall and could be folded up into the wall when not in use. He also made their family couch out of huge cardboard rolls that were cut in half and folded out and upholstered with huge comfortable pillows.
Roof Decks....great for throwing things to the street below while still being unseen.
Sometimes it was just the smells, my best friend's father was Indian and was a great cook.
And finally I had one friend whose father kind of lost his mind and he tore the entire inside out of their home (also a huge old brownstone) and then only added flooring where he felt is was needed but the house was mostly exposed beams, so most of the kids slept in hammocks suspended over bare beams. We would lie in the hammocks and listen to old radio shows.... indescribable..

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this has to be the most unique and personal house tour you have ever posted. I love this home! The colours, the woodwork, the photos.....just beautiful

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