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The difference between Facebook and Phonebook is that the phonebook knows virtually nothing else about you or your home, especially if you have a fairly common name.

With a check-in, it can be easily (electronically) determined where your home is, what it contains (if anyone took pictures at your party), and at least a partial list of attendees.

The insecurity of check-ins (vs a phonebook) comes from the ease with which someone can cross-reference so much information about you.

How to Prevent People from "Checking In" at Your Home
1/26/12 03:48 PM

Our HOA has some rules/guidelines on where to install said dish (for uniformity and general appearance), but like Meggs says, It's the Law (and any half-reputable property management outfit should know it).

I also have to agree with Holler about the bathtub chair similarities... Perhaps that explains the seemingly detachable seat...

This Satellite Dish is a Chair to Avoid Rental Restrictions
12/8/11 07:57 PM

Great tip, though the last paragraph is potentially deceiving; How many new home fridges have an actual "latch" (that presumably holds the door shut)?

Use a Sheet of Paper to See if Your Fridge is Wasting Energy
11/18/11 01:42 PM

I agree with SFChris that "most" people have no use for this service, but can also see how Kaete's point is valid, for certain employers. I'd probably substitute "many" for "some", though.

That said, it's great that Amazon is offering another delivery option.

When they mention "3rd party locker system", they basically mean a PO Box for UPS...

Does Amazon Have the Answer to Our Shipping Woes?
11/16/11 10:45 PM

At risk of shameless self promotion, I built a massive Biomorph-inspired corner desk a few years back. It's a bit on the large side, but that's the point.

10 Excellent Large & Small DIY Desks
10/17/11 09:51 PM

Magnetic tape is still widely used commercially, for its vast storage capacity. It has certainly been supplanted in home use, though.

How Good Is Your Digital Storage Lifespan? Hint: Not Very
9/30/11 03:01 PM

The Etsy page is a bit lean on details of exactly how it works... They give electrical specs, though, so there's certainly some sort of switch included... A photo of the back of one of these would be fantastic.

Arcade Modded Lightswitch Buttons
6/3/11 12:37 PM

I've considered this myself, and the only thing stopping me is that the lightswitches for our closet lights are on the wall outside the closet, not inside. I know I could "flip" the box over, to put the switch on the inside of the closet, but that seems like a lot of effort.

How To Install Closet Motion Sensor Lights
3/30/11 03:46 PM

To me, it really depends on the kind of restaurant... A coffee shop, absolutely; a self-serve, casual sort of place is much more acceptable (in my mind) than a fancier place with service and whatnot...

Tech Etiquette: Is it OK to Plug In and Power Up in Public?
3/28/11 09:43 AM

As per the other comments, it's all in what you do. I love my 4gb EyeFi for taking pictures around the house, but have a few 16GBers for going on vacation.

Go Big or Wireless: Large SD Cards vs. Eye-Fi?
3/18/11 01:37 PM

I'm a big fan of tankless heaters, and will definitely be installing one next time around. I am, however, a bit concerned that there will be little incentive to take quick showers...

Tankless Water Heaters: Forever Hot!
12/9/10 03:55 PM

@KingOf404: Fantastic point. There's no such thing as wasted energy inside your home, if the furnace is on. Any other time is another story, as are outside loads, like you mention.

I, for one, am in no hurry to turn off or unplug anything during the cold months.

How Much Energy Do Those Famous Light Shows Use?
12/9/10 12:13 PM