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If HM, the Eames foundation, and Vitra were really concerned about the environment, they'd sell bases and spare parts for the thousands of HM fiberglass shell chairs already out there.

I doubt very much that anyone who takes the time to buy a custom fiberglass shell chair from Modernica would ever just throw it out. That environmental excuse is bull*hit.

The HM one I'm sitting on right now is from the '60s, and I don't plan on throwing it out any time soon. It looks great. I doubt any of those new plastic ones will look good in 40 plus years. The new plastic ones are cheap looking, totally Target. Avoid.

Apartment Therapy New York | Good Questions: Modernica or Herman Miller Eames Chair?
4/21/09 10:59 AM

Knock-offs are lame. 90% of the time you can get vintage licensed originals for less than a knock-off. Try eBay or Craigslist or whatever MCM store is near you.

I have eight Eames fiberglass shell chairs (real Herman Miller ones) that I got for around $100 bucks each. They're way cooler than the new plastic Herman Miller ones and certainly better than any knock-off. Ditto goes for my Bertoia chairs--I got four, with the original Knoll seat pads for $600. I did buy new Eames Herman Miller LCWs from Highbrow and after a few months one of the backs came loose. Highbrow replaced the entire chair in just a few days and paid for the return postage of the broken chair. I doubt you can get that kind of service from any company that makes or sells knock-offs.

The good thing about buying vintage is that your house or apartment doesn't end up looking like page 24 in the DWR catalog. Many amazing designs are no longer manufactured--Charles Pollock sling chairs, Eames La Fonda chairs, Clement Meadmore, Paul McCobb...

Buy vintage and hold out for licensed originals.

Apartment Therapy New York | Eames Knock Offs, Fakes Copies
4/15/09 09:11 PM

Bought the one with hairpin legs through Hive from Modernica. The shipping company that Modernica uses was horrible: 2 hours late from their 5-hour window, and the bed was damaged--3-inch dent on the front of the platform. AND Modernica sent the wrong legs! (1 slanted and 5 straight, instead of 4 slanted and 2 straight). Customer service at Modernica has been lame, to say the least.

They offered a new bed, but it would take 6-8 weeks. Then they offered a measly $150 cash refund for the damage. Gee, thanks. Hive was nice enough to match the refund, making the total $300 for the damage.

The worst part of this experience was assembling the bed. The screw scores that Modernica puts on the frame and the headboard were misaligned and not deep enough. It took me, my partner, and my RISD-trained architect almost 3 hours to assemble this beast.

I will definitely order more furniture through Hive--they're great, and the free shipping doesn't hurt. I will never order any Modernica product again, though. I was a big Modernica fan before this, too: four Eiffel-based fiberglass shell chairs, two mini wire tables, a Nelson Bubble Lamp--just in the last two years. They lost a good customer.

Apartment Therapy - Good Questions: Should I Buy the Modernica Case Study Bed?
9/17/07 08:45 PM