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Intriguing use of color and space. I'll look forward to seeing it in HB. Let's see.... the issue hits the newstands next week. That means that I, as a subscriber, should get it in my mailbox in about two weeks! (grrrrr....)

Living in a Jewel Box: Bill & Richard's Gorgeously Grand Small Space House Beautiful
6/23/12 08:10 PM

Another vote for washing dishes by hand. Most of us "of a certain age" managed to grow up in a dishwasher-less household and somehow survive.

Don't even get me started on hand "sanitzers" ...

Hand Washing Versus the Dishwasher Real Simple
6/22/12 02:48 PM

Terrific job!

What I love about renos like this is that they give the whole n'hood a lift.

Erin's Front Porch Restoration My Great Outdoors
6/22/12 01:24 PM

@Suzeh: YESSSSS!!! Many thanks.

Mark's "Retro Cabin Mod" in Eagle Rock House Tour
6/21/12 09:19 PM

@Rural And Rueful: Many thanks... I'll def. be trying this.

I also saw on the web that rubbing the inside of a banana peel over the affected areas can be soothing.

Hey, whatever it takes! ;-)

Beat the Mosquitoes:
Our Best Tips & Tricks Post Roundup

6/21/12 08:33 PM


Now, maybe a post on poison ivy prevention/cures? (In my current condition, prevention is too late...)

Beat the Mosquitoes:
Our Best Tips & Tricks Post Roundup

6/21/12 06:01 PM

What a calm and colorful oasis! I'd never leave.

Could you share the source for the black&white duvet cover?

Mark's "Retro Cabin Mod" in Eagle Rock House Tour
6/21/12 03:07 PM

I think most (if not all) of these would be shunned by anyone who actually plays chess.

Queen of the Board: Modern Chess Sets
6/21/12 12:34 PM

Between the pretentious price and the involvement of Justin Timberlake, I might as well be Canadian. No thank you.

Good to know that the shopping site is "well-curated," though.

Win: Linen Bedding Set from HomeMint — a $950 Value! Thursday Giveaway
6/21/12 11:15 AM

Great post!

Along w/the karate-chopped pillows, I too hate animal pelts/heads (whether real or faux) and, not surprisingly, taxidermy.

Also rooms devoid of color, or trying to be too perfect. Or rooms where the furniture and accessories look like they are all from the same source and fresh off the delivery truck.

Also pictures hung in front of books on bookshelves. And of course the ultimate AT hot button: books arranged by color. And pictures hung too high on the wall. And a TV hung over a fireplace.

Also granite countertops and fixed kitchen islands of any sort (though I like a small moveable work table).

And many other things which I'm sure I'll think of as soon as I hit the "submit comment" button...

What's Your Design Pet Peeve?
6/20/12 01:53 PM

We don't have a "lawn" per se, as in something we fertilize, water, and/or primp and preen over, but we do have some grass. We mow it w/a hand mower and the cuttings just stay put where they lie.

I agree w/those who advocate for a veggie garden in lieu of a lawn. I think it would look really cool, and would project a good message (i.e., grow your own food while making good use of available space/resources). A combo flower/veggie garden would be nice also.

Try it, and -- who knows? -- you might start a trend.

How To Separate Merged Front Yards? Good Questions
6/19/12 05:27 PM

Inspirational! I love #1 and #4 and #5 the most. Those legs and casters are spot-on.

I would have NO trouble at all filling up all those little drawers...

Library Chic: Card Catalog Furniture
6/19/12 05:19 PM

Sheer freakin' genius. LOVE.

MetroCard Mosaics by Nina Boesch Inhabitat
6/19/12 05:13 PM

Good fences make good neighbors.

How To Separate Merged Front Yards? Good Questions
6/19/12 10:53 AM

I share your abhorrence for orange mulch, and am also at a loss to explain why otherwise sane people insist on this abberation.

My own preference is to go mulchless. I love a wild jumble of a garden with plants filling in every available space and no dirt visible between them.

That said, I did put mulch between some shrubs we planted last year. We opted for what I think is the most attractive mulch by far : buckwheat hulls.

Why, Oh, Why The Orange Mulch?
6/19/12 10:07 AM

Where is the venting? Is it in the step-wall and then up through the ceiling & roof? Otherwise I don't see how it's a usable fireplace. And if it's not usable, perhaps you'd just want to take it -- and the steps -- down.

How To Use Stepped Shelves Above Room Dividing Fireplace? Good Questions
6/18/12 09:12 PM

Agreeing w/Almond Joy on the overuse/misuse of "curate."

Homes (and esp. children's rooms, for goodness sake) are not -- or SHOULD not be -- museums.

Cheerful Children's Rooms: A Look At "Happy Modern"
6/18/12 05:39 PM

No thank you.

The History of QR Codes & How to Use Them in the Home
6/18/12 05:27 PM

For me, the glass knobs don't really work w/the vintage casters.

I think knobs made from old gears would look cool, though.

Before & After: Bedroom Dresser is Painted No More Redoux Interiors
6/18/12 12:45 PM

"A design toy for girls" ?

Wait, isn't this 2012???

And this:
"The designers of Roominate want girls to be artists, architects, designers and visionaries..."

What's wrong with wanting girls AND boys to be anything they dam* well please?

It's depressing that they got so much support for ill-conceived project.

Roominate: A Design Toy for Girls
6/18/12 10:02 AM