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This must be the first place in the Bronx Apartment Therapy has ever toured - and it's a home run! (Yankee fan)

Oliver & Sherrie's Mini Bronx Loft House Tour
12/18/13 05:05 PM

Christmas/Holiday decorating is not a "less is more" time of the year.

Idea Exchange: Your Easy, Last-Minute Holiday Decor?
12/17/13 04:35 PM

11 people work there? Really? Where?

The Muse's Fresh Startup Space Workspace Tour
10/3/13 09:57 PM

Thank you Mike - I thought the same thing.

Before & After:
Making the Most of a Small Space The Sweeten

10/3/13 09:50 PM

I meant "oven."

Cleaning the Oven That's Never Been Cleaned (And Mostly Succeeding) Liveblogging The Kitchn Cure Fall 2013
10/3/13 05:44 PM

I have never had a problem with the self-cleaning option. It's great!
If my overn was ever this bad, I'd buy another one.

Cleaning the Oven That's Never Been Cleaned (And Mostly Succeeding) Liveblogging The Kitchn Cure Fall 2013
10/3/13 05:44 PM

You done good.

Did We Overpay for Pair of Flea Market Vintage Chairs? Good Questions
10/2/13 10:54 AM

Good point Gabbyh.

Before & After: Mid-Century for a New Century
10/1/13 12:17 PM

A garbage disposal? Really?

Ask Maxwell: How to Fit a Home Office into a Small Space Apartment Therapy Videos
9/30/13 03:39 PM

Alone again - I LOVE my sound machine!

Apartment Essentials: 5 Items to Carry From Your First Apartment To Your Last
9/10/13 08:15 PM


Before & After: IKEA CD Storage Racks Turned Into Gadget Display IKEAHackers
9/6/13 09:27 AM

Great ceiling - could have gone well with the before - and a kitchen rug is always a good idea. Hate dark colors in a kitchen.

Rental Kitchen Before & After: A New Color Scheme and a Wallpapered Ceiling! Kitchen Makeover
9/5/13 10:10 AM

I love my Viking stove - and have never had to service it! It's great!

Charlotte & Steve's Handmade Home House Tour
9/4/13 07:58 PM

Couldn't agree more with all of the above.

A Charming DIY Housewarming Gift from Milk Cartons Paper & Stitch
9/3/13 10:23 AM

All of them above.

Basket Weave Pendant
8/31/13 11:07 AM

Thank you.

Before & After: A Glamorous Gold Leaf Desk Makeover for $50 IKEAHackers
8/28/13 02:19 PM

Good catch with those power lines!

Before & After: The Best Little Bungalow on the Block Professional Project
8/26/13 10:59 AM

So nice! Upbeat and utterly irresistible!

Page's Happy Georgetown Home House Tour
8/22/13 02:17 PM

Great choice - they will be wonderful forever!

Are French Round-Back Chairs Timeless Classics? Good Questions
8/20/13 08:18 AM

I loved that one too!

Nice and Neutral: Black & White Throw Pillows
8/16/13 10:01 AM