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I wish people would give the Barbie body image thing a rest!....I'm a plump gal who loves Barbie now, maybe even more than when I was a kid...and, big shocker, I knew when I was 7 that she was a doll & NOT A REAL PERSON, so therefore I never aspired to be like Barbie...because that would be impossible....I mean, if you want to get all pc about it, why aren't people all up in arms about Blythe dolls with their big giant heads/eyes & tiny tiny bodies (which I also find extremely adorable), or strawberry shortcake...she had a giant head, too & was rediculously petite....she would have fallen over if she were real....BUTTTTT, she's not real....she, like Barbie & Blythe are DOLLS.....and even more disgusting than the fact that I'm a fattie who loves Barbie...I'm covered in tattoos....and will probably be hunting this beauty down to add to the collection that I've already started for my 8 month old daughter....**gasp**

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10/19/11 08:30 PM

love it!

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12/14/09 09:44 AM