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Thanks for the offer -- West Coast Green was one of my favorite SF events, and if we get the tickets, we'll definitely Caltrain down to SJ too!

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Thursday Giveaway: Tickets to West Coast Green San Francisco
9/11/08 02:33 PM

Buyer beware! I would approach their claims with a great deal of skepticism.

Nowhere on the site or in their literature does the company disclose their products' country of origin. A representative at Dwell On Design confirmed it was China.

Transportation impacts should figure into your purchase, especially since they claim a factory-direct business model. Not to mention the product safety and environmental concerns involved with sourcing from China.

Their marketing materials are slickly green, almost preposterously so... green tea in a mattress? Huh? Are we supposed to chew the foam? What, in fact, is the foam made from? I doubt that it is natural latex.

I would like to see this company post a straightforward description of the manufacturing process without all the greenwashing and obfuscation.

Is this product any different from Wal-mart's mattress-in-a-box?

Apartment Therapy - Keetsa Mattresses
9/16/07 10:29 AM