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Before & After: An Old Dresser Gets a Refresh (In a New Room)
6/26/14 01:55 PM

Loved the Young House Love book! Now I'm gonna check out "Made By Hand"-thanks!

Get Your Fix On: 4 DIY Home & Craft Books to Pick Up
6/26/14 01:50 PM

So tired of this post popping up near the top. Why?? You can't make me want to pound flowers, AT.

One Minute Tip: Flower Pounding Apartment Therapy Videos
6/18/14 08:13 AM

love the blue painting in the dining nook of the kitchen! Just wish it was easier to see-the glare off the glass is kind of harsh. Maybe upgrading to gallery glass would be worth it to reduce glare and protect the piece from sun?

Your home is beautiful and kind of strange.

Lori and John's Functional Modern Home House Tour
6/5/14 09:11 PM

Love it! So much better with the contrast between photo, walls, and shelving. And the pretty things on the shelves really pop now! Whole thing looks awesome!

Before & After: Paint Spices Up a Stylish Dining Room
4/27/14 07:13 PM

Strange, the linked item price is $9.95, regardless of color. Wonder why it says from $8.95. Just odd, that's all.

Finum Brewing Basket
4/3/14 01:53 PM

What a great fix! My mom did her kitchen in Revere Pewter, too, and I love it!

I had two ideas while looking at these pictures-just little things- one is that perhaps you cold sew together the two rugs in front of the dishwasher and cabinets for a more unified, look/upgrade, and the other is about the outlet above the peninsula countertop--could you make it blend into the wall better with a switch plate and outlet replacement? My eyes get caught up on it.

Nice job!! That cabinet and counter combo seems hard to work with, and you pulled it off with the neutrals!

How I Repainted My Rental Kitchen and Made Peace With the Cherry Cabinets Liveblogging The Kitchn Cure Fall 2013
1/12/14 10:47 AM

My mother just got one very similar on Craigslist and I found a large, round mirror with a gilded plaster frame. She painted the dresser a peacock blue and it looks great! Thinking of adding a wall scone nearby that comes out from the wall on an arm with a shade.

How Do I \"Dress\" Old Dresser? Good Questions
12/6/13 04:51 PM


The Hair Detangler by Paul Mitchell
11/18/13 06:41 PM

Curve appeal on my kitchen backsplash!

Win: Luxury Mosaic Tile from
Mission Stone and Tile Giveaway

10/18/13 06:20 PM

What color/brand is this? I have been trying to get the right blue, and I think you hit it!

Lesley's \"Navy Blue\" Room Room for Color Contest
9/22/13 11:27 AM

This is what happens in my kitchen, too!

My Ten Minute, Ten Dollar Dinner
8/26/13 07:34 PM

Love the coffee table-where did you get it? Do you have a link to a closer pic or a source? It looks great!

Megan's Revived & Renewed Small Cool Contest
5/21/13 02:50 PM

Love her paintings!

Alyssa's Brooklyn Artist Studio Workspace Tour
1/25/13 04:13 PM

I agree with CanadianMango. I am In a similar situation, having also recently moved into a Victorian with 9 ft. ceilings. I ended up making curtains because the ones in stores were too short to reach both the floor and go high above the window casing. My living room trim is not as pretty (the rest of the house has nice chestnut trim), since it was replaced with pine, so I actually am using roman shades hung above the window, coupled with long, white panels. I think putting the curtains within or on the trim just looks silly in these houses.

Also, you can get new hardware/rod on sale inexpensively, try a coupon for a craft store (many take competitor coupons, usually for 50 percent off or so). It is worth it to upgrade! It's going to look wonderful....good luck!

Height to Hang Curtains in Old Victorian? Good Questions
1/22/13 09:39 PM

This is perfect-I just chose a print I found on etsy the night before last, and it should be arriving soon. I love having original art in my home, and have so much "favorited" on etsy that it's nice to finally be able to get one and hang it on my wall.

Liveblogging Day 6: Art that Makes You Smile and Makes You Think Liveblogging the January Cure
1/9/13 03:18 PM

Love, love, loooooove making bookplates!

One Minute Tip: Using Bookplates Apartment Therapy Videos
1/7/13 03:52 PM

I love me a good stump. Go natural colored with clear poly, I think!

10 DIY Ideas for the Simple Wood Stump
12/7/12 05:37 PM

I have used Paper, penultimate, and procreate, and so far, I use penultimate for things like notes, and procreate for the rest of my drawing and sketching. Its options for brushes, color and effects are worth the price, and I don't think it was expensive, either. I use the Bamboo stylus from Wacom, and I am pretty happy with it.

The Tablet Stylus Shootout Tech Test Lab Review
11/28/12 10:56 AM

Second the spotify!

A Kids Playlist to Keep Everybody Dancing
11/19/12 09:30 PM