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I think it'd be smarter to have the fixed elements-tile, tub, toilet + vanity top + fixtures in neutral colors and pop your fun color in the walls + accessories. You'll save $ and time. I like pink in moderation, but I'd grow tired of pink tiles pretty fast and it'd be expensive to replace them when find your next favorite color.

My mom has the original pink tiles from the 50's and no matter how much I try to clean them, they look dirty. Pepto Bismo pink is hard to enjoy.

Everything Old is New Again: Pink Tile in the Bathroom, Then & Now
7/31/14 11:42 PM

Seems like a fair amount of people, world wide, are not getting enough sleep. I've caught cat naps while I'm on the bus, so I understand.

Swede Dreams: Snoozing at IKEA
7/10/14 11:55 AM

Like an amusement park, I head for the back of the flea market first then work my way up towards the front. I also bring pen/paper to remember the vendor's name, aisle number / location. Also use the facilities early...they're usually cleaner. Bring light snacks, water and a hat to combat hunger and dehydration. Wear sensible shoes (saw someone wearing heels) too.

Have fun.

Smart Shopping: 5 Tips for Getting Good Deals at the Flea Market
7/9/14 01:18 AM

I like the airiness of most of these, but the desk one would not work for me. There's little leg room and I'd be kicking the tomato cages constantly.

6 DIY Project Ideas Using Leftover Tomato Cages
6/27/14 02:43 PM

To kill two birds with one stone, try finding more drought tolerant plants to share. Everyone involved will save water and money and still have something pretty to look at and cool the air.


5 Places to Skimp on an Outdoor Space
6/27/14 02:18 PM

I use leftover red wine (my bf drinks but I don't) to make fresh tomato a pasta sauce. It adds a nice depth and I feel better knowing I can use things that otherwise would be left unused or eventually chucked.

10 Delicious Ways to Use Up Leftover Wine Tips from The Kitchn
6/23/14 12:17 PM

I'd forgotten about this recipe. Thanks for the reminder!

One of the last times I made chicken in milk was during my kitchen reno. I cooked it on an electric burner my sister loaned to me and it was phenomenal. Easy to make (considering I was without a proper kitchen) and the memory resonated with me for a long while.

Jamie Oliver's Chicken in Milk Is Probably the Best Chicken Recipe of All Time Recipe Review
6/13/14 12:14 PM

Some great stories.

My dad, Jack, was a professional chef and cooked 6 days a week for work but still managed to cook dinner for our family every night. We weren't rich but he managed to provide a home cooked meal every night and with variety. He specialized in hof brau, so we had excellent roast chicken, roast beef, steak (once in awhile) but we also had American meals like spaghetti and meatballs and Chinese food (our background) too. His roast beef remains to be the best I've had yet. No fast food for us.

When I was 9, I visited my uncle and aunt in the suburbs and during dinner, my aunt asked what kind of meat I wanted (we were having bbq-ed roast beef; the power went out). I said "medium-rare." She laughed and said, "I forgot your Jack's daughter!"

He also made a traditional Chinese New Year dish called nien go, a semi-glutinous cake made from gluten flour, melted rock sugar, date juice, which was fantastic. I still have yet to see if I can replicate his technique since I haven't found anyone else who could make that treat like he did.

He loved to cook and generously share his food and techniques with his family and friends. I miss him dearly but am glad he taught us to appreciate having good food to share.

What Our Dads Taught Us About Cooking Father's Day 2014
6/11/14 05:22 PM

Believe the reason for storing raw meats on the bottom shelf- should it leak-less to clean up but more importantly, less contamination should it drip onto anything below.

I like the bin idea too. Plates work for me now since I don't defrost that much meat at the same time.

Tip: Put a Separate Bin in Your Refrigerator for Meat Tips from The Kitchn
6/9/14 03:49 PM

You read my mind. I slow roasted pork shoulder over the weekend for pulled pork with it's own juices, so without the bbq sauce. Think I'm going to make a South Carolina sauce and some buns and enjoy what's waiting for me in the frig. Thanks!

Recipe: Pulled Pork Sandwiches Recipes from The Kitchn
6/4/14 01:36 PM

I bring lunch to work about three times a week. It has to be food I can eat cold-ish. There's no microwave here. It's usually not leftovers because they'd require heating. Salads, sandwiches, and cold pizza have been my go to. I miss hot foods for lunch, unless I go to a cafe. But I should look into some kind of insulated container.

A good tip when you can: eat your lunch...elsewhere. Outside or a break room if you have it. San Francisco has many places to eat lunch outside (parks, plazas) but very few places to bring your lunch, inside for free.

I'm much more refreshed and ready to work again if I leave the building. You need to reduce eye strain, stretch and physically be somewhere else-for your health. I can't understand why more people don't leave for awhile. Unless you're under deadline all the time, work is still going to be there when you return.

Tips for Sticking to a Budget: Bringing Your Lunch to Work Budget Living
6/2/14 03:29 PM

@Cobbler shop home: That's great to hear. It's important to have a fixed element that's expensive and labor intensive installed correctly the first time so you can enjoy it for a long time. Good luck!

Laura's Backyard Renovation: Adding Pavers Renovation Diary
5/29/14 02:41 AM

@ thatkris: An instructor from Australia told us the country can have extremely weather conditions, ranging from occasional deluges of rain to high temperatures The ground would probably flood when it would rain a lot or contract/crack in extremely warm temps, no water. My guess is that over time, the sand will leak and they could be left with pavers directly on dirt which could buckle, crack, or they could end up with pools of water.

For all of the hard effort they are putting into their patio, personally, I would have added a few inches of crushed gravel for stability and drainage. Piece of mind. My 2 cents.

Laura's Backyard Renovation: Adding Pavers Renovation Diary
5/28/14 03:32 PM

The pavers look great.

As a landscape designer, I'm surprised crushed gravel wasn't used between the compacted soil and before the sand. Crushed gravel helps create a solid foundation for the pavers should there be extreme temperatures which would cause the soil to contract and / or expand and may cause the paving to buckle and/or heave. Gravel also helps drain the area under the pavers. Over time, sand tends to leave and you'd be left with pavers directly over compacted dirt which over time, and probably would sink and move because there's nothing solid holding up the pavers.

I've not seen resin used in a final sand application but hope it will help sheet away moisture and not cause the sand below to leave. I hope you don't have problems down the road. Good luck.

Laura's Backyard Renovation: Adding Pavers Renovation Diary
5/27/14 06:37 PM

$1600 on a European Sleepworks Mattress. It was my 1st mattress purchase (previously always had hand me downs) and it took great care of me. However, after 8 years, the mattress has become too firm for my sacrum which is achy through the night and in the am. No dips. But I'm testing out a $300 natural latex mattress topper (returnable 365 days from purchase) to see if I can keep my current mattress for a few more years. I'll see how that goes.

Every person sleeps differently and requires different types of support which equates to different price points and mechanisms. I'm noticing as I get older, I need a softer mattress but with some firmness still.

Tell Us: What's the Most You've Ever Spent on a Mattress?
5/20/14 04:44 PM

As someone who has carpal tunnel and other wrist/elbow problems due to not knowing how to have a more ergonomic work space, I've had several ergonomic specialists tell me not to use the arm rests at while you're sitting at the computer. Your wrists and arms should be parallel with the floor and shouldn't be resting for long periods on any horizontal surface. Your thighs should also be parallel to the floor and your feet should touch the floor completely or use a stool like I do to prevent lower back strain.

And take frequent breaks away from the computer. Rest your eyes, stretch, and go for a walk. Work will always be there.

The Easiest Way to Figure Out the Perfect Desk & Office Chair Height
5/15/14 06:41 PM

A massage and good food. When I have those two things done, I feel relaxed and happier.

Tell Us: What Do You Splurge on Even When You're Scrimping?
5/13/14 02:00 PM

A dark room would probably work if there's ample natural light and task lighting and lighter furnishings. Dark walls suck up light. Also, those who plan to paint rooms darker more saturated colors should consider starting with a darker primer so that you'll need fewer coats of paint and not see previous wall colors bleeding through. Have fun.

Paint Color Portfolio: Black Bedrooms
5/7/14 06:07 PM

It's a nice idea if you have a good size kitchen with floor space but when you live in a big city in a small apartment where space is at a premium, having your storage going to the ceiling, or upwards is necessary.

I like to be able to reach for things in a smaller footprint rather than running around to find things.

Renovation Inspiration: 10 Beautiful Kitchens with No Upper Cabinets
5/1/14 04:26 PM

I need a little routine or structure on most days. When I was unemployed, I developed some ways to pass the time in between job hunting and mundane tasks around the house in order to stay sane.

Now that I'm working, I'm striving to maintain some basic routines - clean up a few times a week, run errands when I have energy, some down time, less runaway browsing time on the computer at home. Some weeks, it works really well and some weeks, not so much because my work schedule changes so much. It's a work in progress.

Do You Thrive on Routine?
4/28/14 04:40 PM