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not to be a buzzkill but i just completed my own renovation, very similar to yours, in honolulu, on a 535 sq ft, 1 bdrm condo & it cost me twice your budgeted amount, including materials & labor. i did some small things on my own, upcycled some closet doors, but most of it was handled by the contractor. i wish you luck. it was THE most stressful thing i've ever endured, but i love my home now. be very picky re: your contractor choice. i had a limited time frame also (1 month), so i bypassed the entire 3-bid process and just went with the contractor who could get me in the quickest. in the end, i put up with some inappropriate behavior, some shoddy craftmanship, and had to fix a few things myself, but it's over. and they're out of my condo. finally.

The World's Ugliest Condo: Scope of Work & Budget Renovation Diary
4/27/12 08:29 PM

i love the micro-fiber look, feel & ease of clean-up, but for some reason, the tiny house ants in Hawaii LOVE eating it. i had to toss a west elm micro-fiber bolster because the ants were eating either the glue or the fabric.

Microfiber Upholstery Pros & Cons
Reader Intelligence Report

8/5/10 04:45 PM