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This is a great place and great use of space. I too have a tiny bathroom, though only one. Does the bathroom door in the bathroom pictured open outward?

Rachel & Dustin's Continuous Color Scheme Small Cool Contest
6/10/14 04:04 PM

Aha! I found it, I love the paint color so I was also keenly interested-

Small Space Storage: 8 Ways to Go Vertical
1/29/14 12:04 PM

The point of a well curated flea market like District Flea is that they do the work of finding those one of a kind items for you and they pass the price of that service on to you.

I went the first week and I enjoyed it because I love old stuff, but I was turned off by the prices. I love to thrift and I wouldn't spend what most vendors were charging for vintage clothes and some of the furniture. But, furniture that you love in good condition is harder to find, so if you are happy with them then you paid the right price. But bear in mind at places like District Flea and Miss Pixie's part of that price is the the time they spent hunting for those items. You could spend your own time hunting cheaper places, but it's probably not worth it.

Did We Overpay for Pair of Flea Market Vintage Chairs? Good Questions
10/2/13 12:12 PM

Well, this thread is not inspiring much confidence in me during my new roommate search.

Run, Don't Walk: Worst Roommate Ever Stories
8/29/13 04:54 PM

Oh! I just got back from four days in Montreal last night! Vero, that guide is great. Though, I will say that we took Bixi from the Old Port, past Habit 67, which is kinda cool to see up close, and kept going to Parc Jean-Drapeau. I was so impressed with the parks in Montreal and that the city and businesses make outdoor space and programming such a priority. Jean-Drapeau was a neat park with a beach, a Formula 1 track you can bike on(!), the Biosphere, amazing public pool, hiking trails, festivals, a huge Calder sculpture, and lots of other public art. I thought it was worth the 4 hours we spent getting there and touring around.

Maybe L'Express is not trendy anymore, but I thought this French restaurant in the Plateau was excellent and without pretension. I also loved Olive and Gourmando in the Old Port. I wanted to try the pastries and coffee and the sandwiches that everyone raves about, so we had breakfast there and took the sandwiches with us to Parc Jean-Drapeau. That was one of the best decisions on the trip. Oh, and the dumplings at Mai Xiang Yuan were incredible.

If you live in a US city the transit infrastructure is soooo nice in Montreal. We Bixi-ed maybe 6 or 7 times in the 24 hours we had our pass, it was so easy and there are divided bike lanes in many places. This is not a luxury we know well in the US.

It was hard to leave, especially after spending our last evening relaxing in Parc Lafontaine. I wish we could drink wine in our parks!

A Design Lover's Guide to Montreal Apartment Therapy's Design Destination Guide
8/1/13 03:36 PM

Janome gives you so much more bang for you buck than a Bernina. I just took a reupholstery class and I lugged my computerized Janome along with my arm chair and 5ft tall bolt of fabric, because one session with their "entry level" Bernina and I couldn't take it anymore.

I've been sewing for 25 years, so it's not like I don't know what I'm doing.

One thing to think about though, is mechanical versus computerized. I've had my Janome for 8 years and this summer I got an error. I had to take it in to get fixed because the consumer cannot access the software. The shop I took it to had a crappy repairman and it gave me the same error a month later. They had gotten a new guy and he fixed it all up, but this is less of an issue with noncomputerized machines. I love my auto tension and auto button hole maker, but there are trade-offs.

DIY Project Essentials: Shopping for a Sewing Machine
2/27/13 11:48 AM

People who get mad about altering old items always get mad at the alterer. What about the person who dumped mid century iconic plates at the thrift store? It is not incumbent on the thrift store buyer to research every purchase they make. Once items are on the secondary market anything that happens to them is up for grabs. Sure, sometimes a connoisseur will find them and be pleased to add them to his/her collection or will resell them with their true value in mind.

But I think all bets are off once they are donated.

Before & After: Thrifted Plates Chez Larsson
11/9/12 02:34 PM

I think some of the floor plan confusion come from it being a house, but only being one floor. A lot of houses in DC are plait up by floor into single units, apartments of condos. And soooo many of them have that weird add of porch/room in the back like someone went through block by block and did an addition on every house. Holly appears to be lucky enough to have the first floor and thereby the porch, color me jealous!

I love the place, I think it's really masculine, but in a way the works for a couple. And that Chesterfield is amazing. What your favorite used furniture sources in DC? It looks like a lot of your stuff is from day trips to the further 'burbs.

Holly's Fashionably Rustic Home in DC House Tour
8/30/12 11:57 AM

I have looked in the G St classes in the DC area and am a regular shopper there. Their full price items are marked up over other retailers, ones not even that far away. If you like a fabric there check for it online or wait til they send a good coupon. Their monopoly over the DC fabric market saddens me, not to mention their exclusivity contract with Bernina.

But, my issue with the reupholstery classes there is that they won't store the piece for you. I don't even know how I'd get an arm chair there with my Corolla, but to get it there and back 8 times?? I can't imagine the class is too full with that requirement.

Case Studies of Real Life Upholstery Jobs: What Do People Really Pay?
6/19/12 04:03 PM

Love all the great IKEA hacks you've got going on! Plus it's a great space.

Jen's Calm & Quiet Home Small Cool Contest
4/18/12 12:19 PM

I love most of it, but I just don't understand not having any upper kitchen cabinets. i can see wineglasses on one shelf, but are your dishes in the bottom cabinets? How annoying would it be to take out or put away stacks of dished in the bottom cabinets? No upper cabinets is not a trend I can get behind, certainly not without some substantial shelves.

Sarah's Kit House Redux Small Cool Contest
4/18/12 11:08 AM

I love it. What is the source of the grey and white striped comforter/duvet cover?

Medo's Boutique Hotel Style Small Cool Contest
4/17/12 09:59 AM

Did you buy a Panthers' sweatshirt and make the pillow? I hadn't realized they had official merch. Good to know with my roommate's birthday coming up and our mutual love of FNL.

Rebecca's Sunny Small Space Small Cool Contest
4/4/12 09:43 AM

Apparently it's not open to residents of DC either, seeing as it's not available to select from the drop down menu. We're not a state, you at least need to pretend to so we can receive mail!

Win a $10,000 Bed! The Hästens Best Bed Giveaway
8/8/11 05:40 PM

I live in DC :(

Fifty and Fifty: The State Mottos
2/8/11 04:36 PM

Hmm, I think it's
1D, 2B, 3A, and 4C

Color Quiz: Which Palette is Which?
Sherwin Williams 2011 Color Forecast

7/28/10 11:42 AM

I've been rooting around for other DC classes, to no avail. I think it's pretty unrealistic to attend class eight Saturdays in a row and cart the piece of furniture each week.

I don't think the price is horrible, but I'd barely make it to any classes. Anyone know of anything else, DC, Rockville, or just south of Baltimore area?

16 Cities With Upholstery Classes | Apartment Therapy Re-Nest
7/27/10 03:59 PM

I think if you are going with a color, I do like the gray option, that the grout lines should be as thin as possible. That will let you have some contrast without looking dated or overpowering the tile.

What Color Grout with New Counters Tile? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy San Francisco
7/8/10 08:51 AM

It's a lovely house and there are many things about it that I like, but I keep seeing all of these bedrooms and living rooms with NO window coverings.

How do you sleep without something to block the light? How do you wander around in your undies or watch TV with the neighbors looking in or with a glare? Sure it looks neat, clean, and minimalistic, but it isn't realistic.

Our Inspiration | Apartment Therapy Chicago
7/1/10 09:16 AM

Oh, I found it in his Flickr stream, it's from Fergusen.

Bathroom Basics: Clean and Organized | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
3/17/10 11:48 AM