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I think I know which drawer unit you're talking about.. I created a whole storage system using those table-top boxes with drawers under our staircase. $100 total for 10 of them = modular storage. You can't beat that!

What's Your Favorite \"Vintage\" IKEA Piece?
10/29/13 10:01 AM

The Company Store ( has a pretty good selection with free delivery on $99+ orders, plus coupons (

We have the Company Organic Solid Percale Bedding currently and we're quite happy with the set. That being said, we also prefer simple white, not shiny, and plain. :)

Best or Favorite Organic Sheets, Affordable or Otherwise?
Good Question

11/14/11 03:05 PM

Seems like Wean Green are the only non-plastic option.. We tried the Freezer Tray by Beaba (lid never stayed closed) and re-purposing our AVENT milk storage cups (took up a ton of room) before splurging on the Wean Green set. They're absolutely amazing! Most of our other freezer-friendly containers let the gross freezer smell contaminate the food.. but Wean Greens stayed tight and the best part is that you can microwave them right out of the freezer (without lid, of course). I would think that best solution for baby-food storage is either a regular ice-cube tray (low $$) or the Wean Green containers (high $$ but much more useful long-term).

I now use them for baby's daycare lunches.. and while some of the lids lost one of the hinges, they're still working really well after about 9 months of use. And I never have to worry about plastic and heat when it comes to the food my child eats. So, in short, I highly recommend them!

Ten Container Options for Freezing Baby Food
11/1/11 05:05 PM