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my sports-loving 9 year old would love this room! the scoreboard and bulletin board are unique, fun touches. great job!

A Red & Blue \"Big Boy\" Sports Room My Room
8/30/13 10:34 AM

This is so fun! What a cute idea!

Best Kids Parties: You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown My Party
7/24/13 10:26 AM

This is so sweet! I love those big hot air balloons. Wonderful touches all around. Great job.

Best Kids Parties: Balloon Baby Shower My Party
7/21/13 12:13 AM

These are all family favorites in our house. Another favorite is Mini Ninjas which is under $20 on Amazon.

Under $20: 5 Family-Friendly Bargain Video Games
7/18/13 11:13 AM

Sometimes seeing the world starts with exploring your own backyard. What's so wrong about that? And just because someone made a one-country project doesn't mean they haven't traveled anywhere else. I personally love the USA pinboard and hope to make one for my kids after our 5-state road trip in August.

Travel DIY: Map Your Memories
7/17/13 03:58 PM

this is wonderful! what a lucky girl!

Best Kids Parties: Alice in Wonderland My Party
6/22/13 10:48 PM

So colorful and fun! I love it. The balloon wreath is a grat idea! I'm sure it was a very joyful time for all.

Best Kids Parties: Time Flies My Party
5/28/13 10:37 AM

I saw this at IKEA this week outfitted with bottles of sparkling water, cups, plates, condiments, etc...everything for a perfect summer patio picnic. I love how versatile this piece is! Definitely want one.

Raskog Kitchen Cart by Nike Karlsson
4/12/13 10:58 AM

this is really fun! i love the soup cans. i'm sure your son and his friends had a blast! as a fellow washingtonian, i understand the challenge of the indoor party. we're throwing one tomorrow in fact, since it's still cold and wet! =)

Best Kids Parties: Carnival My Party
4/12/13 10:02 AM

When our kids have a birthday party, they each choose a "birthday charity" and ask friends to consider bringing items to donate to that instead of a gift. Then they get to deliver their "gifts" to the charity (Children's Hospital, animal shelter, etc)

Something my family did when we were kids (and I'm hoping to pass on to my own kids) is create a Thanksgiving Box. This was a box that sat on our counter beginning in January. Throughout the year, we'd all write notes for things we were thankful for (a kind word from a sibling, cleaning up our rooms without being asked, etc.) We'd also drop loose change change in there as we found it. Then on Thanksgiving we'd open up the box, read all the notes and count the money. We'd use that money to sponsor a family in need at Christmas. I really loved doing that.

How Do You Teach Your Kids to Give?
2/25/13 04:01 PM

this is awesome! i'm a huge layton fan and you've really captured the spirit of the game here. love this!

Get This Look: Professor Layton
2/20/13 07:27 PM

this is adorable! i love the simplicity and sweetness of it all.
nina--we did milk bottles at my son's 2nd birthday, but we just bought a case of those starbucks frappucino drinks at costco and removed the labels. (but you have to be prepared in advance...i sent my husband to work with one everyday for 2 weeks so the bottles were empty by party time!)

Best Kids Parties: Milk & Cookies My Party
2/20/13 12:35 PM

this is really fun and couldn't be better almost 6 year-old wants a dog party. you've done all the work for me!

Best Kids' Parties: Puppy Party My Party
1/15/13 08:48 PM

super cute party! it looks like a lot of fun and i love all the little touches. those cupcakes are really cool!

Best Kids Parties: Pirates & Fairies My Party
9/14/12 02:16 PM

what a fun room! where did you get the sputnik light?

Baby Iggy's Groovy Sci-Fi Room My Room
9/14/12 02:15 PM

thanks for this. when i was 12 our house caught fire for this exact reason. my mom always cleaned the lint trap, but had no idea she needed to do any more than that. thankfully everyone was okay. this is a very important tip and i'm glad you've shared it here.

Beyond the Lint Trap: It's Important to Really Clean Your Dryer Family Handyman
9/11/12 07:30 PM

@massjennocide - if you read his survey, he says the paint swatch is his biggest embarrassment. he's just trying to pick a paint color.

love this place! and love threadless - i buy my husband a shirt from threadless every christmas. great stuff.

Craig's Tiki Hut House Tour
8/29/12 11:13 AM

we waited an extra year to put our son in kindergarten since his birthday is late august (cut off in our district is aug. 31) and he truly wasn't ready to go. he was incredibly shy, had a speech delay and a lot of fine motor skills delay. we chose to put him through another year of a play-based preschool where he could just focus on learning to do simple things like meet a new friend or use scissors without the pressure of performance. plus, all kindergartens in our district are full-day and it would have just been too much. now he's 8, heading into 2nd grade and is doing great in school. is he the best, biggest, smartest kid? nope. but he sure is happy and that's what matters to us.

Back to School Considerations: Redshirting
8/24/12 11:22 AM

for the 2nd summer in a row, our family has hosted friday BBQs from june through labor day in our backyard. we open it up to neighbors, co-workers, school friends, church friends, etc. in the hopes that our lives won't be so compartmentalized. 2 years in we've met tons of neighbors and seen our different groups of friends meet and form friendships of their own. it's been so fun to be a part of.

we also participate in the National Night Out block party in august and usually we get a great showing of neighbors for that.

Shy Guide: Easy Ideas for Meeting
More Neighbors

8/23/12 03:32 PM

What a lucky child who will come home to such a cheerful, welcoming room!

A Nursery Waiting in Walla Walla My Room
8/3/12 10:19 AM