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Every year at Christmas I make the peanut butter cookies that are topped with a hershey kiss. The dough freezes perfectly, either as a log or in a ball. I am sure most peanut butter cookies would work as well.

How To Freeze Cookie Dough Cooking Lessons from The Kitchn
9/26/13 07:26 AM

@dilla-daze- correction, they still make it.

How To "Fake" the Fall Season in Florida? Good Questions
8/8/12 06:42 PM

@dilla_daze- Yankee Candle used to make a smoky scented candle- Fireside. Sounds like you might like it!

How To "Fake" the Fall Season in Florida? Good Questions
8/8/12 06:40 PM

I use Pinterest to keep track of my own pins, and I follow one person (my daughter). I have not, and do not ever expect to buy something based on what someone else has pinned. I never considered it a social media site, I have used it only as visual bookmarking for myself.

Online Purchasing: Is Pinterest Driving You to Buy Stuff?
7/5/12 02:46 PM

thank you! this is a nice collection of links, and plenty of time to scope this out before the holidays.

Basic Guide to DIY Basket Making
7/30/11 01:46 PM

Many plants like a 'lean' soil, meaning not overly full of nutrients. If there is a lot of nitrogen some plants put out lots of leaves and vegetation, not so much fruit or flowers. Nasturtiums come to mind. I would guess they mean that these holes full of compost would be 'fat' as opposed to spreading compost around a plant or mixing it in.

Skip the Bin: Trench Composting
7/30/11 01:43 PM

I live in a 900 sq.ft. house with my husband and 2 children. We rearrange all the time. In the winter we have to be careful not to block our heaters, but in the warmer months, things can be moved around. I have houseplants in the winter but everything goes outside in the summer. And with such a small house, we can live with a cozy arrangement or open it up for a more spacious feeling just by moving things around.

5 Reasons You Should Rearrange Your Furniture Seasonally
4/16/11 05:05 PM


What Do You Think? Felted Wall Hanging
10/21/10 07:13 PM

I line dry all the time- outdoors in summer, indoors in winter. I use a rack, hangers and a retractable line. I do have a dryer and will tumble towels and t shirts on air to soften them after drying, but it is a nicety, not a necessity. When my children were in diapers I used cloth diapers exclusively and when my dryer broke, I did not replace it for 3 years, and then only because my husband felt that I needed one- not because I did.
As far as fading I have not noticed it- but my clothes do last a lot longer because they do not have to endure the wear and tear of a dryer. And if I am in a modest mood, then my underwear goes on a drying rack, but usually I do not care. :)

Hanging Out The Laundry: The Downside
8/17/10 11:57 AM

Just google "moss graffitti", there are many inspiring images.

How To Grow Your Own Moss | Apartment Therapy Re-Nest
6/11/10 06:44 PM