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Have been so enjoying your posts about stuff local to me in Austin. I don't always get a chance to check out AT though, so if you don't mind, would you drop me an email about sustainable finds at cristina@livinghouseaustin.com? I'm in the process of building a website (www. livinghouseaustin.com) that will hopefully serve as a central place for all info. green in Austin, and eventually be a forum for all our groups to exchange info. Feel free to send suggestions too! Thanks,

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8/22/08 11:28 AM

I've been gettin' from AT for so long now that I thought it time to do a little givin'...

www.livinghouseaustin.com is the website I'm putting together as we don't actually have a centralized information resource for green remodeling in Austin. I was doing so much research for my own project that it kinda freaked me out that everyone else was duplicating the same efforts. I've gotten loads of help and advice now from various groups (and companies) around town, so hopefully the collective effort will result in something truly useful.

I was also talked into blogging the process because so much of "greening it up" involves serious decision-making, priority setting, product research, and ultimately, a bit of heartbreak.

Please be gentle, and though much of the work so far has been remediating past wrongs, we're getting to the interesting green things this week.

Thanks AT for your search function, and thanks ATers for your good taste and wit. Wish me luck -- I'm the GC on my own project, and it's a bit like herding cats in the rain.



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9/13/07 09:15 PM