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Oh come on guys, if keetsa at least saves 10 times more in actually supplying mattresses since they come in a box, that is already 100 times more green than companies who still use diesel trucks to haul their mattresses.

Just think simple, what if you could fit your mattress in a Prius instead of paying or even getting free delivery using a big polluting truck!!! Use your common senses, like your nose plz!

Apartment Therapy Re-Nest | Keetsa Mattresses
6/27/09 04:24 AM

You know, anything that a company tries to be green is usually better than companies that use thousands of trucks to haul their mattress.

Point taken but I think Keetsa is not simply marketing, it's great for the environment over other traditional mattress retailers. (I bet those weird comments are from people working at Sealy or wherever)

Apartment Therapy Re-Nest | Keetsa Mattresses
12/2/08 09:52 PM

You know, latex isn't all that environmentally friendly. Have you BEEN to the factories that process latex? They are not eco-friendly at all. Latex is perceived only by the public as "eco-friendly" but if you get into it, it's nowhere close to the all the eco-friendliness of a Keetsa mattress. I don't even work there anymore but this is just from my experience. Latex is basically rubber out of tree crap. It's gotta be processed and think about when you burn rubber, is that good for the environment? Latex is an over-priced over-marketed rubber.

Apartment Therapy - Keetsa Mattresses
12/2/07 01:43 AM

Oh thanks Stephanie posting Keetsa! Now we will have to add you to Keetsa blogroll... OH yeah, i am going to post your cool business card.

Apartment Therapy - Keetsa Mattresses
9/13/07 02:06 PM