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great kitchen. where are those tiles from/what manufacturer?

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5/22/10 10:27 PM

i'm tired of keep calm and transit scrolls. enough already

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5/5/10 11:42 AM

just FYI, products can't be LEED accredited. They may be able to help the end result (home, business, whatever) achieve some level of LEED certification because of the other green things mentioned. it's really awesome they've decided to carry products that can help a project do this, of course.

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3/26/10 11:18 AM

oh how i wish i was closer!

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3/5/10 10:41 AM

i've been lusting after these etsy finds for a while

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2/16/10 04:44 PM

I agree it's tough because of the circulation pattern. I would take a look at this blog They have a slightly similar layout. For your room you don't need the dining setup like they have, but could probably use a small upholstered bench in front of the fireplace. I also agree that TV above fireplace is not a good idea - it's actually placed way to high for comfortable viewing. Put it on the long wall. Additionally, for your landing strip you may be able to place a credenza sort of thing where the plant currently is, and create a nice display with photos, artwork, vases that you see when you walk in the door. Good luck!

How to Arrange Our New Living Room? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
1/28/10 12:03 PM