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LL Bean has good quality bedding at very reasonable prices. Here is a cotton comforter that comes in a variety of solids that would work with that rug and is within your budget.

Bedding To Coordinate with This Rug?
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3/9/12 04:31 PM

In response to kcparker regarding the 13month old, my baby is 15 months. For a cross country flight last week, we broke down and bought a portable dvd player then brought along HBO's classical baby and Winnie the Pooh. What a difference! She still fussed some about having to sit still, but we had good long stretches were she was satisfied watching her videos.

What To Put In a Travel Bag for Toddlers
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10/13/10 02:51 PM

1. weight
2. collapsibility
3. wheels - ability to handle broken terrain and go off-road
4. safety
5. flexibility - ability to go car seat to older toddler
6. other - good sun shield
7. everything else

Help an Engineering Student: What's Important To You In A Stroller?
10/13/10 11:41 AM

I like them. I think they are cute and fun. And I would totally prefer to get one of these than the far more common nothing. No acknowledgment whatsoever. Some people don't have the knack for writing things like thank-you cards. And some people are busy and want to say thank-you but need a little help getting over the hump. A totally blank page can be very intimidating. And why don't big kids and grown-ups get to fill in the blanks?

Fill in the Blank Thank You Cards
9/27/10 02:05 PM

I can't tell from your picture if this is possible, but I have a queensize guest bed in my nursery. It does not have a headboard on it. It is pushed sideways up against the wall with the only window. My 11 month old loves to crawl over and stand against the window and look out. (Yes, the window has safety bars on it, all the better to pull up with.) Instead of having the bed stick out into the room, maybe you can turn it against the wall.

Help Redesign This RoomGood Questions | Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh
7/1/10 10:37 AM