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This house has been for sale for a long long time. A friend had a party on that street and after the shindig I walked over to see this house. You could just walk onto the gounds but I know the big gate is locked now.
Next visit was with a friend who wanted to see what I was describing... lo and behold all the doors were open as the workmen were changing lightbulbs inside and out. I chatted a bit with them and got a quick peek inside from the front door, but of course they were unable to allow me in. Darn it! The place was wonderful just like the photos.

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4/9/13 06:52 PM

I have 2 windows exactly like this. Lovely light all day but we like some privacy at night. I installed an extra long rod with 3 mountings so it would not sag. I used 4 panels of off white curtains and over them on the same curtain rings I added a pale green sheer. The look is etheral and subtle and much richer than one plain curtain.

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12/7/11 02:18 PM

That living room made my heart skip a beat. The wood and stone and light is gorgeous. I love this type of architecture because it does not seem to overwhelm the people that need to function inside it. This place looks loved and comfortable. Yes...I am totally jealous.

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12/5/11 03:29 PM

I would never want to walk into my house after it was designed by someone else. If I had alot of money I would be right there with every choice. That collaberation is not shown.
I do agree that the drama went overboard. Honestly, the we are running out of time thing has been done to death and the editing make all of them look ridiculous. I would like to see more of the design process. These designers are succesful and it would be more interesting to see how they do the job rather than barking at the painters and fretting if their teenage sons can cook a dinner for 12.

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6/1/11 08:51 PM

I notice many times that the photo looks beautiful, but a floor lamp that high is silly. I am an avid reader and need a good size night stand for books and a great reading light. My lighting is a beautiful Haeger Pottery Egg design in yellow.

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3/15/11 04:55 PM

I like Behr paint from Home Depot that already has a primer in it. It was affordable and we saved time covering our strongly colored walls with a gorgeous green.
This, of course, only works if you like the colors they offer. Good Luck!

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2/18/11 06:41 PM

When my Mother lived in CT, she put her big Xmas tree out on her deck with a zillion white lights. The tree was up until her first swim in her backyard pool in May.
( Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr she loved that cold water and so do I)
Her house was near the road and we received comments about how beautiful it was to round the corner and see that tree through the big trees that bordered the road. I live in CA now and have no place to do an outside tree but those memories are some of my fondest ones.

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3/11/10 06:40 PM

I have used a fan for many years and sleep well I really like the air flow as well as I wake up more clear headed.

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1/8/10 10:42 PM