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I had a wonderful stacation last year. I shopped in the city when people are usually at work and went to lunch at a place I usually thought of as somewhere that was for late night dinners only. When I told the bartender who asked if I was tourist (loads of packages) I was taking a staycation in the city well free pre-lunch drinks for me.

I also started my staycation on Thursday rather than my usual M-F when I'm leaving town...this alone severly cut down on work check-ins. I was able to stop at Pewabic pottery and take my time looking at the one of kind tile. I also hit several fun for me museums and furniture shops I always mean to stop in at but never have the time. I invited friends over for dinner on a week night...everyone loved coming over for a relaxing meal after work. I spent a leisurely afternoon shopping and then cooking. I planned one day entirely at home enjoying my space,sleeping, reading and ordering in food.

Enjoying a Vacation at Home | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
7/25/10 01:42 PM